The Reign of Terror Has Begun, Videos Emerge of Whats Really Going on


The reign of Islamic terror has officially begun. Goat humping Arabs chased the last of the American military off the feline litter-box of flea infested desert they acquired. It was handed over as a gift of thanks from Imperial Leader Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and his handlers. Joe made sure to give them lots of toys to play with as part of his surrender.

A ‘nicer’ reign of terror

Possession is nine-tenths of the law, right? Well the Taliban is in possession of some bad-ass American battle gear and that means they’re making the laws. With towel heads flying A-29 Super Tucanos off the freshly abandoned runway at Kabul’s ISIS-Taliban Airport, anyone who didn’t make it on a plane better have a new ID by nightfall, and a good place to hide and lay low.

The Taliban promised a kinder, gentler reign of terror this time around but a folk singer already got dragged away from his home and family recent reports note, to be shot in the head by the Taliban. They’ll probably blame it on ISIS-K. The Pentagon says they’re the same thing but Antony Blinken keeps insisting they’re separate terror groups. Then again, he ripped the page from his dictionary that has the word “Saigon” printed on it.

Videos are flying around on Monday, August 31, showing the Taliban trying to figure out how to fly a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. They may get it going forward in a straight line but haven’t quite figured out how to land it yet. Joe Biden donated a whole bunch of them. CNN quotes BBC estimates that “Afghan Air force had 33 of them in their inventory back in June.”

A-29 Super Tocanos.

The citizens of Kandahar are nervously watching where they might come down once they run out of gas. The reign of terror wasn’t supposed to affect their side but that’s how chaos works.

American news reporters don’t want anything to do with the story but a Pakistani military commentator couldn’t wait to tweet the video of “Taliban flying an American-supplied UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter.”

Another clip seems to show “a Taliban member hanging from the Black Hawk in a Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction rig as the helicopter flew over Kandahar.” The locals are waiting for a real reign of terror now.

Taliban takes control

The reign of terror became a certainty the day the Taliban seized control of Kandahar airport, “just days before the U.S.-backed Afghan government collapsed on August 15.” At the time a photo went viral of “a man, holding the white flag of the Taliban, standing beside an Afghan Air Force Black Hawk.”

“Oh boy,” the Pentagon generals whistled. Joe Biden handed over the keys to everything after U.S. taxpayers shelled out “approximately $85 billion to train and equip Afghan government forces.”

The midnight raid on the home of Afghan folk singer Fawad Adrarabi shows exactly what the locals can look forward to under the new and improved reign of Taliban terror.

an American-supplied UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter.

The singer lived in “a restive mountain province north of Kabul” until he was shot in the head. “He was innocent, a singer who only was entertaining people,” his son cries.

The Taliban are relentless in their stone age interpretation of holy writings. This is going to be a long and painful reign of terror for Afghanistan thanks to the miserable failures of His Wisdom Joe Biden.

According to Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, “music is forbidden in Islam.”

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