Biden National Security BOMBSHELL… Unforgivable

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is already in hot water with the GOP House over holding back aid for Israel.

Now he has reportedly been holding back key intelligence information from Israel.

If the reports are accurate, Biden was trying to use intelligence on Hamas to get Israel to cave on its offensive in Rafah.

That is Quid Pro Quo

Holding back aid is illegal, and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) established this when Trump was in office.

This, however, is not aid.

While the United States is not required to share intelligence, with Israel being a major ally, that is just assumed, especially since Israel is at war with the subject to the intelligence.

Two outlets, Times of Israel and Washington Post, reported that Israel was told that the United States would supply it with additional intelligence regarding Hamas if they held back on the offensive operation in Rafah.

The Biden administration has denied the report, but a former Trump security official blasted the Biden administration on this.

Former Trump National Security Council official Victoria Coates stated, “It’s unique and extremely sophisticated, and if one partner is not fulfilling their obligations, it calls the whole thing into question.

“So, if the administration has information on Hamas leadership, which… still holds eight Americans — five alive and three dead in Gaza — and isn’t sharing that with the Israelis and hasn’t shared it with the Israelis, this is deeply troubling.”

Coates later added, “That’s what elected Biden in 2020 and staved off the red wave in 2022. So they know they need the 18-to-24 group. And what’s been revealed over the last six months is that group is strongly pro-Palestinian, if not overtly pro Hamas.

“And so I think that’s actually the demographic they’re pandering to.”

This is just not a good look for Biden, who has been an absolute disaster on foreign policy, which was supposed to be his strong point.

I know PM Netanyahu will be ecstatic if Trump wins and he no longer has to deal with Biden stabbing him in the back.

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