Dominion HARASSING Eyewitnesses Who Made Sworn Statements About Election Fraud


Dominion Voting Systems is harassing and intimidating former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck over a whole series of sworn witness statements which provide solid and valid court evidence of potential voter fraud. Nobody would know about it if the Washington Post hadn’t made a special point of alerting the public with a total propaganda hit piece. Colbeck wasted no time filing a formal response in an official statement of his own.

Dominion on the offensive

If you believe the Washington Post, former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck has been “smearing” Dominion Voting Systems with “Repeated baseless claims about mass fraud in the presidential election.” You bet. They are called “affidavits.”

Colbert is in trouble for showing them to “state senators and pro-Trump crowds.” Simply because they show evidence “that rigged voting machines and bogus ballots swayed the results.” He published “over 240 pieces of election fraud evidence from Michigan alone” on his website.

Rabidly liberal Axios was quick to jump on the bandwagon. They made sure to tell progressives that Dominion is such an impeccably trustworthy voting machine company that they are demanding “ex-Michigan state Sen. Patrick Colbeck retract baseless claims.” The problem is that the claims aren’t baseless.

His accusations that “the company rigged the 2020 election in Michigan,” are based on eyewitness accounts. Instead, Axios of evil accused him of “waging a ‘disinformation campaign.'” Meanwhile conservatives have been chilled away from using words like “election fraud.”

Within days of the Washington Post agitation, Colbeck went on record with a press release of his own to set the record straight.

He describes how lawyers from Clare Locke LLP, who represent US Dominion, Inc., sent him a nastygram “that made spurious claims and threatened legal action in response to my efforts to expose the election fraud in the 2020 election.” It was nothing but a shakedown. Colbert wants voters to know the truth and “review the data for themselves and draw their own conclusions.”

Oh, yeah, that letter

The lawyers noted that they sent him one earlier but Colbert claims it slipped through the cracks. They probably planted the story with the Post simply because the first letter they sent him didn’t generate the results they expected.

“The letter referenced a previous letter which they had submitted of which I was not aware of until I searched through unread email dating back to December,” Colbert asserts. To be clear, the follow-up message states, the Dominion lawyers are demanding that he “retract my false claims and set the record straight.”

For some strange reason, the Dominion attorney’s don’t seem to understand what an “affidavit” is even though they work with them day-in and day-out.

“They claim that the notarized affidavits cited in my presentation ‘Case for MI Decertification’ are ‘unreliable sources'” Affidavits are considered valid evidence in court BECAUSE the person making the statements are “subject to perjury charges” if the statements aren’t true.

Lawyers don’t seem to mind ignoring laws and rules which they don’t find convenient. They’ll fight over it later in court. In the letter complaining about how weak Colbert’s sworn, notarized eyewitness statements are, Dominion relies on “blatantly biased, un-notarized sources” for support.

Ones like “the Michigan Secretary of State and Scytl,” There aren’t any affidavits for those claims so they “are not subject to perjury charges if proven false.” as Colbert argues, “The fact remains that the vast preponderance of their claims against me actually refer to claims that are made by others. I merely recite what was cited in the notarized claims.”

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