Shocking Video Surfaces of Human Traffickers


West of El Paso, TX near Mt. Cristo Rey, US Customs and Border Patrol surveillance cameras captured the moment when human traffickers also called “coyotes” dropped two toddlers from the 14-foot tall border fence in the evening of Tuesday March 30th.

According to 3TV/CBS5 Phoenix,

“Immediately after both children landed on the ground, the two smugglers were seen running from the area and abandoning the helpless little girls on the north side of the international boundary line, Border Patrol officials say.”

Officials revealed that the two toddlers were sisters aged 3 and 5 from Ecuador, they were picked up alert and seemingly unharmed by Border Patrol agents after the smugglers fled back into Mexico. In the video it appears that each little girl sustained a drop of about 10 feet from the outstretched arm of a smuggler straddling the top of the 14-foot tall barrier landing feet first and rolling to their stomach or buttocks’.

Both the children were taken to a nearby Border Patrol station and for evaluation by medical professionals before being transferred to a local hospital for additional evaluation and treatment if necessary. The girls will be transferred to one of the Biden-Harris regime’s controversial holding facilities until they are placed with Health and Human Services.

Video of Traffickers Released by El Paso CBP Chief

El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez was photographed bringing the little girls a snack. It was Chavez who made the decision to release the shocking video.

The Border Patrol Sector Chief  spoke to Fox’s Neil Cavuto Thursday , Chavez told “Your World” that the girls are now “doing fine” and are “so resilient.”

“I was really horrified and appalled and worried when I first saw the images come through from my staff,” Chavez told host Neil Cavuto. “When I saw that first child dropped to the ground and then not see her move for a few seconds, I honestly thought this child just probably hit her head and is unconscious. And then I see the second child and immediately DHS, obviously, within a few minutes responded to that area to rescue them.”

“When I visited with these little girls, they were so loving and so talkative, some of them were asking the names of all the agents that were there around them, and they even said they were a little hungry,” Chavez recalled. “So I helped them peel a banana and open a juice box and just talked to them. You know, children are just so resilient and I’m so grateful that they’re not severely injured or [have] broken limbs or anything like that.”

Chief later had harsh words for the traffickers,

“I’m appalled by the way these smugglers viciously dropped innocent children from a 14-foot border barrier last night. If not for the vigilance of our Agents using mobile technology, these two tender-aged siblings would have been exposed to the harsh elements of desert environment for hours,”

“We are currently working with our law enforcement partners in Mexico and attempting to identify these ruthless human smugglers so as to hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

This episode only highlights the growing crisis on our southern border that the Biden-Harris regime refuses to acknowledge even exists. To date this includes a group of Iranians who were captured, catastrophically overcrowded, hastily built facilities, a national security nightmare and shattered families. All of this is with the implicit invitation of the White House. Biden has dangerously strained our relations with Mexico, after President Trump spent four years cultivating a relationship of trust that has been annihilated.


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