Dem AG Targets Man Over His Weapons Cache


In Queens, New York, the Democrat District Attorney, one Melinda Katz is celebrating the unconstitutional seizure of what the leftist press and the Democrat-Socialists, the gun-grabbing elite would love to describe as a “stockpile of illegal guns, high-capacity magazines, silencers, and ammunition”. Where in reality, the weapons, ammunition, and accessories that were stolen by local law-enforcment, in the vast majority of American communities be described as either; a “modest collection” in Montana or Wyoming, “impressive for starters” in Arizona, or “making do with a  limited income” in Texas. Where’s the Lauren Boebert equivalent for New York?

The 42-year-old citizen is now facing a 117-count criminal indictment for doing nothing other than exercising his Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Allegedly, the man traveled to Pennsylvania to attend a gun-show, made his completely legal purchases, and returned them to his New York home without incident. He now faces up to twenty years in prison.

The charges against him according to The New York State Police includes “multiple counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 2nd Degree, Manufacture-Transport-Disposition and Defacement of Weapons and Dangerous Instruments and Appliances, Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 3rd Degree, Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 4th Degree and New York City Administrative Code 10-131(i)(3)”

Queens, NY ‘Weapons Cache’ Sounds Like Packing For a Weekend Fun-Shoot

The Queens Post reports, the man “was being watched by officials when he attended the Oaks Gun Show in Pennsylvania shortly after 10 a.m. on Aug. 15, according to the Queens District Attorney’s Office.”

“He allegedly purchased multiple rounds of ammunition, magazines, and firearm components and put them into a Cadillac. McCormick then drove through New Jersey and crossed the George Washington Bridge into New York City, the criminal complaint states.

Shortly thereafter, Port Authority police officers pulled him over and seized his items, which included 44 high-capacity magazines, 1,000 rounds of 7.62 rifle ammunition, a trigger assembly, an upper slide and barrel for a 9mm pistol, a hook knife, a switchblade, and more.”

In addition, the police found:

  • 15 rounds of 12-gauge slug ammunition
  • 15 rounds of 12-gauge buckshot ammunition
  • 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition

Police later obtained a search warrant for the citizen’s home and recovered additional weapons and $8,500 cash. He is being prosecuted for smuggling amongst other charges.

At the residence, officers found:

  • A package containing all parts needed to assemble a 9mm SCCY pistol
  • Parts needed to assemble a polymer80 .45 caliber ACP pistol
  • The parts to assemble a 9mm semi-automatic pistol
  • 5 high-capacity magazines capable of holding in excess of 10 rounds
  • 4 firearm silencers
  • A set of brass knuckles
  • 2 switchblades
  • 3 finished upper receivers for pistols
  • 9,991 bullets for various calibers of weapons, including 9mm and .45 caliber firearms

The District Attorney didn’t make note of any evidence or witnesses of the man illegally selling or distributing firearms or knives, nor is any assertion of this made in the Press release or any of the associated interviews. All of the charges are specifically related to the mere POSSESSION of these weapons, accessories, and ammunition. Ipso facto the US Constitution this man should be released immediately, with all charges against him dropped and he should be compensated for his time and legal expenses. District Attorney Katz should be disbarred and expelled from office.

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