LoBo (Lauren Boebert) Becomes Modern Day GIANT SLAYER [DETAILS]


Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-Co) aka LoBo has become a modern day giant slayer. She finds herself today as President Trump did in 2015, at the forefront of the Conservative Republican wave. Boebert’s brand has become larger than the Congresswoman herself, bombastic in her loud, dramatic defense of the Second Amendment and fiery in her rhetorical rejection of the Biden-Harris/Democrat-Socialist regime.

The Conservative firebrand Congresswoman and proprietor of Shooters Grill in her native Colorado has made headlines for months opposing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at every turn. Refusing to pass through Capitol metal detectors erected in a faux reaction to Jan. 6th, and continuing to carry her personal sidearm in the Capitol complex for her own protection. She even trolled the entire media and leftist establishment by attending Zoom Committee meetings in front of a firearm bedecked bookshelf reflecting her commitment to the beleaguered Second Amendment.

Today Boebert took the fight directly to the septuagenarian Californian font of corruption: Pelosi herself.

The Left’s Latest LoBo Meltdown

And of course the left is in full blown meltdown, suggesting that the sound of a gunshot and reload accompanying her signature at the end of the video (a common branding theme) suggests an implicit threat toward Pelosi or Biden. (No, seriously they’re actually saying that).

David Weissman a columnist with Demcast tweeted,

“Why was there a gunshot sound at the end of the video, was that a threat to the Speaker or President Biden?”

You can’t make this crap up folks, another twitter user  added “I reported it. I think the discharge and cocking of the weapon is an implied threat of violence. It seems to violate Twitter’s TOS”. Its’ a commonly used sound effect, there are probably about a million YouTubers who use it daily. See: LouderWithCrowder’s Seven+1 Segments. (Don’t forget the one in the chamber, they always forget the one in the chamber) For the record, in the Spreaker podcasting platform, the gunshot sound effect is in the DEFAULT sound effects folder included with the program.


There is no implicit threat of violence, but the leftists would much rather have people pay attention to that then actually watch and listen to the positively devastating ad. For your convenience here’s a full transcript, that barely does the epic takedown justice.

“I’m Lauren Boebert. A Mom, a small business owner, a defender of Freedom. Here’s what I know: You protect what you love. President Trump built a big beautiful wall because he loves America. And he wanted to secure our country, and protect us from drugs, illegal aliens pouring into our communities and sex traffickers.

Democrats, they fought him every step of the way. And now, Welcome to Fort Pelosi, where Democrats decry walls from within their own, heavily guarded, razor wire wall. Democrats don’t want to protect you because they don’t care about you. But they’ll spare no expense protecting themselves.

Clinton: “We will not build a wall!”

Biden: “There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration.”

Pelosi: “I’m not for a wall! I’m not for a wall.”

It’s time to cut the crap and remember: This is the people’s house!

Madam Speaker, tear down this wall!”

Democrats have found themselves fielding heavy criticism for the increased fortification of the Capitol which belies a lack of confidence in their “mandate” to lead. The National Guard still has over 5,200, low-morale and poorly supported troops deployed to Washington, DC and will continue to have over 4,000 well through April. This suggests an extremely precarious, tenuous grasp on power which conflicts starkly with the grandiose, wide reaching and hyper-partisan agenda the Biden-Harris regime is pursuing.

While giving lip-service calls for “unity” the Democrats are steamrolling their Republican colleagues and even seeking to strip them of office en masse. With each day that passes and every bill signed into law with unanimous GOP opposition, the risk to the regime grows greater. They know that the American people are angry, that’s why that wall and those troops are likely going nowhere soon. They’re afraid, and they likely should be. 2022 will be a reckoning.

Channeling the great communicator himself was a nice touch, great job LoBo. When the flak gets heavy you’re over the target. Based on that aphorism Congresswoman Boebert is precisely where she needs to be: scaring the hell out of the Democrats.

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