Video: Woman Pulls Gun on Retail Worker For This Unbelievable Reason


In Philadelphia, anarchy is so rampant that a grocery store manager got shot in the face, simply for running out of a particular brand of canned gravy. Liberals are quick to take the guns out of the hands of Second Amendment supporting conservatives and they defunded the police right out of existence.

Manager shot over gravy

An unidentified Philadelphia Save A Lot manager remains in critical condition, after being shot in the face on Sunday, February 19. Police say the shooting happened around 6:30 p.m. and started as “an argument with two customers over a can of gravy.

The man and woman were captured on surveillance video arguing with the victim and a store security guard. Investigators relate, “the customers were in a dispute with the manager over the store not having the can of gravy they wanted.” Apparently, he was supposed to wave a magic wand and conjure one up out of thin air at their whim.

Police relate that the argument actually started earlier. Video confirms that during an initial confrontation, “the woman at one point drew a firearm and pointed it at the security guard.

The guard “disarmed her and escorted both suspects from the building.” They came back. According to authorities, “both suspects returned to the store and confronted the manager again.

It was during this second altercation when “the male suspect shot the manager point-blank in the face, leaving him in critical condition.” As of this writing, “no update on the store manager’s condition was immediately available.

After the shooting, “both suspects fled toward the Awbury View Apartments across the street,” never to be seen again. At least, not by police.

Police need your help

They claim to be looking but would appreciate if someone with a grudge would turn them in for reward cash.

Police describe the suspects as “a Black female between 30 and 40 years old and a Black male about 40 years old.” There shouldn’t be too many people in Philadelphia matching that description.

The only clue the police have to go on is “they believe the suspects are from the neighborhood.

Democrats don’t seem bothered about cracking down hard on defensive gun use, while enabling offensive use to skyrocket out of control.

For some strange reason, liberals are all over every defensive use of deadly force but silent when criminals of color blast a manager in the face because the store ran out of gravy. That proves how far society has collapsed.

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