This Undercover Video Reveals the Dirty Secrets


At “prestigious” Francis W. Parker School, in Democrat run Chicago, Illinois, administrators do not take kindly to undercover reporters sticking microphones in front of their teachers, then asking uncensored questions. On Thursday, they issued a statement defending their Dean of Students, Joe Bruno. Of course they let the students play with sex toys in class. That’s why parents pay them so much in tuition. It allows them to buy the very best butt plugs, as visual aides for classroom lesson plans on how to use them.

School gives Veritas a lesson

Recently, James O’Keefe with Project Veritas showed up in front of Francis W. Parker school to ask a few sharply pointed questions. The investigative reporter walked up to Dean of Students Joe Bruno on his way in to work, asking about “the school’s LGBTQ sex-education programming.

He wanted to know if it was true that the lessons included “passing around sex toys and instructing students on how to use them.” You bet they do but he’s too much of a Gillette razor fan to say so.

O’Keefe already knew the answer to his question because he has an undercover video taken of Bruno describing his classroom proclivities.

In one clip, for instance, Bruno brags, “during Pride — we do a Pride Week every year — and I had our LGBTQ+ health center come in. They were passing around butt plugs and dildos to my students. Talking about queer sex. Using lube versus using spit.” The school administrators were all for it.

Bruno has been indoctrinating the youth of progressive tomorrow for a full four years, now. Students were all over the sex toys like Lego, he beamed.

“‘How does this butt plug work? How do we do — like, how does this work?‘ That’s a really, like, cool part of my job.” Obviously, he had been ambushed to get the video. The school was sure to throw a snit over that.

Affirming, comprehensive approach

Francis W. Parker School presents an “inclusive, LGBTQ+ affirming, and comprehensive approach to sex education,” administrators wrote in a formal statement. The event described by Bruno was only one example of their curriculum in action.

James O’Keefe can take his video and use it like one of their instructional aides. Bruno, they snarl, “was filmed without his knowledge or permission.” Not only that, “Veritas deceptively edited the video with malicious intent.” Well, Veritas did condense it down to the good sound bites.

Another question the school won’t answer is why Bruno couldn’t take responsibility for it in public if everything was sanctioned and approved?

What they did say is “Parker administrators and Parker’s Board of Trustees support Parker’s programming, the strength and inclusivity of our curriculum, and the dedicated and talented faculty and staff that teach it.” Even if they don’t have the anatomy to stand up for it themselves.

The clip was “secretly filmed in a coffee shop.” Another clip showed Bruno confirming that “he had not told trustees about the sex-toy lesson, insisting he felt no need to because they would find it ‘wonderful.‘ That’s a real cool part of my job,” he exclaims, “I don’t have to worry about stuff like that.

He was thrilled that faculty had “so much freedom” and “so much money to do stuff” at the school. If what they teach is so wonderful, why would anyone consider the Veritas clips “malicious?

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