Woke Culture Receives Awakening, State Pulls Funding

The “woke” culture is in for a really rude awakening in Florida. The state is poised to pull funding from useless liberal majors. They’re still reeling from the debacle caused by their “common-core” engineering school which designed and executed the world’s only ground level pedestrian bridge. Such “old-school” concepts as “support bracing” were abandoned in favor of hip features like WiFi and social gathering spaces. The families of people gathered in cars under the bridge, waiting for the light to change, aren’t happy with it’s design.

‘Woke’ won’t buy groceries

Senate Bill 86, currently making its way through the halls of Florida’s state Senate will chop scholarship funding away from time-wasting liberal college students “who select majors that would not lead directly to employment.”

Social Justice for example, or LGBTQA studies. Being woke won’t give you the kind of career which lets you be productive to society and off the food stamps. If progressive parents want to fund the tuition, that’s fine, but they won’t be doling out scholarships for those programs in Florida.

As explained by Angela Morabito with Campus Reform, “The bill would restrict the state’s Bright Futures Scholarship dollars to students who choose a college major from a list of approved programs of study dictated by the Board of Governors and Board of Education.”

The money for that fund comes from Florida lottery proceeds, otherwise known as an “unofficial tax on those who aren’t good at math.” Bright Futures “currently covers 100 percent of tuition and applicable fees at in-state public institutions for eligible students.” Especially, those who study math. Woke liberals will need to fund their own way through school.

Florida lawmakers have decided to require “that eligibility for such funds is contingent on enrollment in certain career certificate or degree programs.” Ones that can lead to solid careers.

The Board of Governors and the State Board of Education have to come up with an approved list spelling out the “career certificate and undergraduate and graduate degree programs that they determine lead directly to employment.” Woke subjects like advanced ceramics are out.

The first two years

Nobody is forcing young woke liberal children into giving up their dreams but “students who decide to take career paths that are not included in this list would be limited to 60 hours of financial aid.” They may end up taking a course or two which could turn out valuable later.

“The logic in this is that funding the first two years of credits would allow students to adapt to a degree that would be on the list,” FSU News points out. Right now, some students are “putting Bright Futures money in the bank because they already have another source of income for college, such as Florida Prepaid.”


Under the proposal, students who pass a dual enrollment course or AP class in a certain topic “will not receive Bright Futures for re-taking those same classes.” There’s a good reason for that.

“Taxpayers don’t want to fund students to take a class again in college they passed in high school.” While woke courses in LGBGTA+ studies won’t be eligible for scholarship money, there are a bunch of subjects guaranteed to be on the official list of allowed majors.

According to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, finance and business professionals, teachers, marketers, and HR specialists will see strong employment growth through 2028.” And remember, despite the changing fortunes of time, there is always a good future in computer maintenance. Senator Dennis Baxley, a conservative, was the one to introduce Senate Bill 86.

He has nothing against woke liberals, “we want all of our students to succeed in meaningful careers that provide for their families and serve our communities.” Taxpayers should be concerned about where their money goes. “We encourage all students to pursue their passions, but when it comes to taxpayer subsidized education, there needs to be a link to our economy, and that is the goal of this legislation.”

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