War on Police: 2 Officers Killed and Another Precinct Attacked


While the Biden-Harris regime continues to turn a blind eye, the destabilization of Central Africa continues. In the past two weeks attacks on police officers and precincts in Nigeria have increased with 12 officers killed so far. Most recently an unknown number of gunmen attacked the Umutu Police Divisional Headquarters in the Ukwuani Local Government Area of Delta State, two officers were killed.

An Ongoing Secessionist Movement Against Officers

A glance at the sectarian breakdown in many African nations like Nigeria can give us an insight into a dark potential future for the United States. As police departments are defunded and corrupt special interests favored by the Democratic-Socialists such as BLM and Antifa are able to receive special treatment, (not unlike insurrectionist groups in African nations who have patrons within the corrupt, ineffective governments) social order declines leading to unending battles with a parade of different separatist forces that rise and fall over time.

Right now the troublesome groups in Nigeria are the IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) and their “security network” the ESN.

According to PremiumTimesNg,

“Dozens of suspected members of the ESN have been killed or arrested as security agencies move to quell the attacks.  The Nigerian Army last week announced that its officials had arrested another top ESN official.” “the acting inspector general of police, Usman Alkali, last week launched a new outfit ‘Operation Restore Peace’ in the two regions.

ThisDayLive Reported,

” Delta State Commissioner of Police, Ari Muhammed Ali, who confirmed the attack on Umutu Police Station, said that two constables were shot dead but an ASP also died apparently from shock or heart attack.

Ali, however, revealed that the police killed two of the gunmen during the invasion, but lamented that the criminals were able to remove “the bodies of their men from the scene of incident.

“What happened was that at about 1:45am this morning (Friday), we got information about attack on Umutu Police Station, which was repelled by our men.”

An Ongoing War  Ignored By Washington

In March, Mark Megahan wrote about the 317 young girls abducted from the Girls Science Secondary School in Jangebe town. Many took the moment to criticize the military for failing to protect the schoolgirls. However, recent developments show the situation to be even worse than expected.

The authorities in the nation which houses Africa’s largest most prominent city: Lagos, cannot adequately protect themselves let alone the citizens in their charge. It is a dangerous situation, which the combined political forces of BLM, Antifa and Democrat-Socialists in our government are succeeding at replicating in Chicago, Portland, Brooklyn Center and other cities around the nation. Look at the breakdown of the social fabric and governmental effectiveness in post-colonial Africa, and you’ll see the future of Biden’s America.



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