Thought Police Expand Their Reach in Hostile Communist Zone

The Southeast Asian thought police just expanded their reach to grab resistance efforts by the throat. The radically socialist military junta is strangling all communication by shutting down Myanmar’s internet.

Police arrest the internet

Democrats screamed bloody murder about our last “peaceful transition of power” because Donald Trump didn’t want to let them get away with stealing the election.

A chilling glimpse of what the thought police might have in store for America soon, under Imperial Leader Joe Biden, comes from today’s crisis in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar.

Myanmar used to be called Burma. Ever since they kicked out the British, the locals have been fighting over whether to embrace communism or democracy. In 2010 the democrats, led by Aung San Suu Kyi took power from the socialists. Last November, Myanmar had an election too.

Suu Kyi won in a landslide. By February 1, the socialist controlled military held a coup and arrested her. On April 1, with riots in the streets, the military police “cut all wireless internet services” in the whole country “until further notice.”

The communist junta calls themselves the State Peace and Development Council. Everyone knows “state” means communism. Their way to develop peace is by silencing dissent.

The thought police added a fresh charge of violating the official secrets act to Suu Kyi’s list of charges and the regime is expecting trouble from the deplorable citizens. If she’s convicted on this one, she could be thrown back in jail for up to 14 more years.

Detained since the coup

All the National League for Democracy government officials including Suu Kyi “have been detained since the coup,” CNN confirms. Since the first of February, demonstrators have raged through the streets.

The list of other charges against the popular leader include “violating the import-export law” and cracking down on information that may “cause fear or alarm.” According to her lawyer, Police hauled her economic adviser, Sean Turnell, away to jail too and he’s an Australian national.

Nobody has seen Suu Kyi in person since being dragged away but she did appear in court by video link on Thursday. Top lawyer Khin Maung Zaw wasn’t in court that day but his associate noted she seemed to be in “good physical condition.”

Not only that, she was feisty. “She demanded to arrange a meeting” with her lawyers “to give instructions to her lawyers to discuss about the case without any outside interference like the police or other force.”

With the rock-star popularity of the heroic leader, communist officials are terrified of the population. Not only are the police out in full force and cracking heads at every opportunity, and shooting people any time they get a chance for target practice, they shut down the internet.

Citizens were warned to expect “no wireless broadband internet services after telecoms companies received instructions from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to stop the service.” The outage is to last “until further notice.”

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