Democrats Flip to Republican in ‘Political Upheaval’


All it took, was showing them that there could be another way. President Donald Trump was successful in his efforts to show the people of Terrell County, Texas that they didn’t have to be at the mercy of feckless political leaders in Washington and ruthless cartels on the other side of the border.

That’s the simple explanation for the implosion within the local Democratic party there that has mystified and terrified many in the mainstream media. The New York Times and the Washington Post seem horrified and aghast that multiple elected officials in the typically Hispanic-majority formerly Democrat counties along the Texas-Mexico border are flipping party allegiances and running as Republicans. They’ve called it a “quiet political upheaval”

The Times wrote,

“First, the Democratic county judge said she would seek another term — as a Republican. Then the county clerk and the treasurer decided that they too would abandon the Democratic Party, which has long held sway in local elections, and run this year as Republicans.”

“The transformation of local politics in Terrell County — a working-class border community of fewer than 1,000 people — provides an ominous signal for Texas Democrats: Conservative Hispanics are not only realigning in presidential elections, but also in contests much closer to home.”

“This to me now really feels like 1980 with Reagan, where you just suddenly saw huge areas go in a different direction,” said Craig Murphy, a Republican campaign consultant who works in South Texas told the Post. “I would call this a realignment. I would say it is permanent.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Former Campaign manager Wayne Hamilton and his Project Red Texas have been in the driver’s seat of this initiative from day one. Hamilton mostly credited the utterly chaotic border, the South Texas Oil and Gas industries taking a beating, and the ongoing cultural alienation from the Democrats who grow more hostile to Texans’ families, faith, and lifestyle by the day.

“There is no question that people are tired of the patronage and tired of the idea that this is royal government and we kind of hand off our position when we are done to our kid or our grandkids,” Hamilton said.

According to their website Project Red Texas, is “Working with local Republican Chairmen and activists, #ProjectRedTx has successfully recruited candidates in their target area. This year that targets area includes over 110 candidates, all local. While #ProjectRedTx does not normally get involves in primaries, this election cycle, many of the races in target areas do have primary challenges. This shows the growing interest of conservative to engage in the process of serving their communities once again.”

The massive costs incurred on these small Texas communities by the scorn and neglect of the Biden-Harris regime is palpable in these electoral results, where over 2 million illegal aliens crossed in 2021 and more than 2.1 million are expected to arrive in 22′ the good people of Terrell County have come to realize that living under two very different ideas of governance… only one of them works for them and that’s the America-First kind.

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