Taliban Murders Wedding Goers Over Their Choice in Music


They were offended by the music coming from a wedding party, so they shot it up, killing 3 and wounding 10 more. The kinder, gentler Taliban is trying to distance the official government body from the acts of individual Taliban fighters.

Death sentence for wedding music

We all know what it’s like when inconsiderate neighbors blare the amplifiers in the early morning hours but we generally don’t let our police shoot the offenders, no matter how much we would like to.

This is a totally different situation. The small wedding ceremony in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province didn’t go as smoothly as planned. A “fight erupted over whether music could be played,” residents relate. A one sided gun-fight.

Three were killed and ten injured in the attack which happened Friday, October 29. “that followed an altercation between the assailants and residents of Sarkharod town.” The witnesses knew the shooters, recognizing “the gunmen as local Taliban members.”

Offended by the melodious tune floating through the neighborhood from the wedding ceremony, the gunmen “were harsh in their arguments with the family.” When local residents intervened, the offended defenders of the Prophet shouted at them too.

An unidentified resident, terrified that he would be murdered if identified, explains their “arguments led to an armed clash. The gunmen “opened fire.”

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, “denied that the attackers were members of the group in a statement Saturday.” They did confirm the death toll though, noting the shooting happened “after demanding that a wedding party stop playing music in Nangarhar.”

One under arrest

The Taliban isn’t happy that the underlings are making them look bad for shooting up a wedding so they will make an example out of them. One gunman has already been arrested and they’re hunting for the other two.

While officially denying it, unofficially, “a member of Taliban’s intelligence department told NBC News that the attackers were members of the group.” His name is censored too.

Joe Biden and Imperial Minister of State Antony Blinken handed Afghanistan to the Taliban on a silver platter back in August. The goat humpers have been promising to play nice but they still won’t let girls go to school.

The wedding shootout was a total mis-understanding, they say. The citizens are supposed to get warnings for a while before they start killing for violations of Sharia again.

According to Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi, “there is currently no official ban on music in Afghanistan but the Taliban have started an awareness campaign to explain to people that listening to music is against Sharia, or Islamic law. In some places our Taliban members use force to stop people listening to music but we are trying to avoid such incidents.”

What happened at the wedding was a mistake. Meanwhile, “two senior Taliban leaders in Kabul contradict that by declaring “that music is banned in Afghanistan and that anyone who violates the restrictions will be ‘dealt with’ under Sharia law.”

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