MSNBC uses Rush Limbaugh’s Death to Hurl Twisted Racial Smear

MSNBC uses Rush Limbaugh’s Death to Hurl Twisted Racial Smear

The left wasted no time in smearing legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh as racist and bigoted after his death. Now they’ve gone even further, attacking his long-time friend and producer, James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley.

The Left Attacks Rush Limbaugh — And His Allies

Biz Pac Review reported that the left “detested Limbaugh’s ostensibly unorthodox political views and his politically incorrect, but otherwise hilarious, sense of humor — so much so that his cancer diagnosis about a year ago inspired fits of celebration among them, as did his death Wednesday.”

It’s one thing to attack Rush’s views, but it’s entirely different to celebrate his death and attack his close friend.

The New York Times even tried to insinuate that Golden/Snerdley wasn’t even a real person.

“Unlike Howard Stern, Don Imus and other big names in shock radio, Mr. Limbaugh had no on-the-air sidekicks, though he had conversations with the unheard voice of someone he called ‘Bo Snerdly,’” the paper wrote.

Joy Reid Goes Too Far

Radical far-left MSNBC host Joy Reid went on a rant just after his passing, asserting that Rush and his listeners were racist, and that he used Golden “as a cover.”

“He called the Affordable Care Act ‘secret reparations’ and racialized something that had no racial undertones to it other than it definitely lifted people of color on average more because black and brown people had less healthcare. But he racialized it. He got white Americans to hate the Affordable Care Act,” she claimed.

“He called President Obama ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ and used his black sidekick as a cover to be able to do like that kind of outright racist stuff. If any person other than Donald Trump would have been president, it would have been him, because he basically was president for the last four years,” Reid added.

The Roots of ‘Barack the Magic Negro’

‘Barack the Magic Negro’ was in reference to a song played on Rush’s show, which was inspired by a 2007 column written by David Ehrenstein for the Los Angeles Times entitled Obama the ‘Magic Negro’. In the column, the writer used the archetype of the so-called magic negro to describe Barack Obama.

Discussing the column, Rush sang the words “Barack the Magic Negro” to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Soon after, a conservative satirist recorded the official “Barack the Magic Negro” song, which Limbaugh played often throughout the 2008 election.

On his show, a caller once called him out for the song. His response made clear what his intentions were:

“Well, let me tell you about the roots of this. There was a columnist in the Los Angeles Times named David Ehrenstein, and on Monday, he wrote a piece about Barack is the ‘magic negro.’ He claimed that there is, in the black culture, this term ‘magic negro.’ His point in this column was that Barack Obama is not authentic. He hasn’t been down for the struggle. Plus he’s not been around long enough for people to know what he actually stands for substance-wise, and so white people who are supporting Barack are simply doing so to assuage their white guilt over the transgressions in the past in this country, such as slavery and so forth. So his theory is that Barack coming along, he’s black and that’s all that matters. Nobody cares what he stands for. Nobody knows what he stands for. It was a column, essentially, accusing white people supporting Obama of being racist because they don’t care what he stands for and don’t care what he’s going to do. The fact that he’s black is enough for them, to make them not feel guilty as long as they say they support him, and that was the definition of ‘magic negro.’ … So we’re just highlighting what the left says. I believe they’re the true racists. I believe they’re the ones that look at people and notice whatever is different about them from white liberals. Either they’re black or they’re gay or they’re Hispanic or whatever. They immediately group people.”

Joy Reid Believes Black Conservatives Are ‘Tokens’

Joy Reid is just one of many leftists who smear anyone who doesn’t agree with them 100% of the time as evil. Referring to Golden as Rush’s “black sidekick” being used “as a cover” is disgusting, yet no one will call her out on it. This isn’t the first time she’s made comments like this.

After the 2020 Republican National Convention, Reid shared a tweet asserting that the RNC “trotted out” black people to make the audience “feel good about white nationalism.”

She shared those comments along with a link to an article attacking “black tokens” who spoke at the RNC.

Apparently, according to Reid, black people aren’t capable of free-thinking. She thinks that, if they aren’t Democrats, they are weak people being manipulated by the Republican Party.

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