In a Bizarre Change of Events, MSNBC Actually Attacked Joe Biden Policy


You know things are getting really bizarre in Washington when far-left leaning MSNBC dares to call out the Imperial Leader on a policy decision. They are accusing him of selling out to teachers unions. Parents and Dr. Deep State agree that experts confirm that there’s no reason the children can’t go back to school.

Policy decision causes liberal revolt

Conservatives have been saying for years that liberals are revolting but the phrase took on new meaning this week. Imperial Leader Joe Biden flip-flopped on one of his major policy promises. After slamming Former President Donald Trump for ignoring the science, Biden is ignoring the science. When parents hear His Wisdom touting one full day of school a week they start throwing things at the TV.

They have to disrupt the entire family with the logistics of it while the kids will be so distracted when they get there that they won’t do anything but catch up with their friends. Then they’ll go home and do it again a week later. The lesson learned is blind obedience to the authoritarian regime.

Teachers’ unions are adamant that making them expose their members to the un-vaccinated masses is cruel and inhumane.

Keeping the spoiled little hellions on the other side of a computer monitor where they can’t set the teacher’s desk on fire is something that the teachers themselves have been spoiled by. They like the policy and they want to keep it.

Official palace spokesunit Jen Psaki continues to spout gobbledygook about new rumored guidelines and pretending that the regime isn’t catching flak for dragging their feet. It’s obvious that the real policy is to follow the whims of unions while ignoring what health officials have to say.

Democrats were relentless in the way they shredded Donald Trump for not listening to the advice of Deep State experts. Now Biden is taking heat for not listening to “health care officials who were saying it’s time to go back to school.”

Biden weaseled on Tuesday

The Imperial Leader has already forgotten how he promised “a majority of American schools would reopen in his first 100 days in office.” On Tuesday, he weaseled. It depends on what the meaning of the word “reopen” is.

Psaki explained the theory behind the new policy. “His goal that he set is to have the majority of schools, so more than 50 percent, open by day 100 of his presidency and that means some teaching in classrooms.”

Wait. She just said “some” teaching. Yes. That’s right. “So at least one day a week.” Working parents go running for the Valium. Biden just learned a core political lesson.

“Unions run the schools, and no one—not parents, not school districts, not mayors, and not even a new Democratic President—will tell them what to do.” That’s the policy and don’t forget it.

Mitch McConnell was quick to voice what was on all the minds in Washington. “In places across America where public education depends on the whims of a powerful public sector union, the best interests of children have often come dead last.”

The new policy isn’t based on science. “As the months have rolled by and the data have poured in, it’s become clear that schools can open safely.”

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