Meet the Woman Who Sabotaged the Dakota Access Pipeline


Eco-Terrorist Jessica Rae Reznicek, sabotaged the Dakota Access Pipeline and has been sentenced to eight years in Federal Prison with an additional three years of supervised release and to pay $3,198,512.70 in restitution for “Conspiracy to Damage an Energy Facility” according to a statement from the DoJ. Reznicek and her accomplice Ruby Montoya, 31, were indicted on nine federal charges each in September 2019, including damaging an energy facility, use of fire in the commission of a felony, and malicious use of fire. Reznicek and Montoya both pleaded guilty to a single count of damaging an energy facility, the other charges were dropped in a plea agreement. Reznicek’s accomplice Ruby Montoya will be sentenced at a later date.

The US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Iowa wrote,

“Reznicek, as early as November 8, 2016, and continuing until May 2, 2017, conspired with other individuals to damage the Dakota Access Pipeline at several locations within the Southern District of Iowa, Northern District of Iowa, and the District of South Dakota. Specifically, the defendant admitted to damaging and attempting to damage the pipeline using an oxy-acetylene cutting torch and fires near pipeline instrumentation and equipment in Mahaska, Boone, and Wapello Counties within the Southern District of Iowa.”

The Des Moine Register explained the sabotage the pair of Eco-Terrorists committed in more detail, they wrote: “In July 2017 the women claimed credit for a series of acts of sabotage, including burning pipeline construction equipment at a Buena Vista County worksite in November 2016 and using oxyacetylene cutting torches or gasoline-soaked rags to damage other pipeline sites around the state between March and May 2017.”

Acting U.S. Attorney Westphal stated, “This was a federal crime of terrorism. Criminal acts conducted on multiple instances, at multiple locations, over a sustained period of time, resulting in over $3 million dollars in ordered restitution. After which Reznicek sought to encourage others to engage in similar conduct. As this investigation and punishment show, any crime of terrorism will be aggressively investigated and prosecuted by the federal government.”

The Woman Who Sabotaged The DAPL Believe’s That She Was Right… And That’s Scary

Iowa Local 5 News, an ABC affiliate interviewed Reznicek following her sentencing and revealed the single most terrifying thing about the green, eco-terrorist types as opposed to say: your run of the mill, race hustler or Democrat Socialist type… they actually believe every crazy thing they’re saying. She said with complete conviction,

“I really had to make some calculated choices and they were very prayerful and they were very thoughtful and the conclusion that I made was that in my heart, in my heart this was the right thing to do.
In my heart this is not violent. In my heart the laws that protect this pipeline are the laws that are violent.”
Dealing with someone who is dishonest and lying to gain or hold power is one thing, but when you’re dealing with someone who has absolute, firm conviction and believes in their own madness…. that’s something else.
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