79 More BLM Thugs Arrested


What do you call Seventy-Nine BLM rioters behind bars? A good start… As Wednesday dawned through the smoky haze hovering over Brooklyn Center, reports arose that Seventy-Nine BLM rioters had been arrested by Hennepin County Sheriffs, Brooklyn Center Police and Minnesota State Patrol after rioters took to the streets for the third consecutive night.

As they typically do, the evening began with a “peaceful protest” which was scheduled in advance, CBS Minnesota reported,

“The protest officially ended at 7 p.m., but some people stayed, which is when tensions grew. Around 9 p.m., a group tried to knock down a fence; some threw bottles, bricks, cans at officers. Officers then ordered protesters to leave ahead of curfew kicking in at 10 p.m.”

“We encourage you to be peaceful and exercise your First Amendment right, it is not acceptable and it will not be tolerated if you choose to come and do criminal activity and destroy property and throw objects, and make it unsafe,” said Col. Matt Langer with Minnesota State Patrol.

A Quick Timeline of BLM Foot Soldiers being Arrested

  • Brooklyn Center, MN- The official protest ended at  7 P.M. Central.
  • Just before 9 P.M. the protest becomes a riot officially when the gathered mob attempts to knock down a fence. Police declare an unlawful assembly and give the crowd orders to disperse.
  • Operation Safety Net — a coordinated law enforcement response between the Minnesota National Guard, Minnesota State Patrol, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and local police departments. Order the media to relocate north of the BCPD building.
  • 9 P.M. Any pretense of a “Peaceful Protest” is destroyed when a group of rioters knock down the fence protecting the Brooklyn Center Police station and throw bottles, bricks and cans at Police.

  • Arrests begin at approximately 9:10 P.M. Central. According to CBS Minnesota “OSN officials saying in a tweet that “members of the crowd are trying to take down fencing, spraying mace at officers, shooting fireworks at officers, and throwing bottles and bricks.”
  • 9:40 P.M. Police give a second order to disperse.
  • By 10 P.M. the crowd has largely dispersed.

Rioters Starting Fire In The Middle of the Road, Surprised By Arrests

At approximately 10:30 P.M. rioters started a fire in the middle of a main thoroughfare Humboldt Avenue using wood that was sitting outside of a nearby gas station. According to reports, within about three minutes, law enforcement descended on the scene and surrounded the crowd making “dozens” of arrests.

Mainstream media and the rioters feigned indignant surprise at the “rapid and intense show of force”. There are three simple facts they don’t seem to grasp: 1.) The crowds were ordered TO DISPERSE, not to relocate and regroup. 2.) There was a curfew in effect which they were in violation of. 3.) Starting a fire immediately outside of a GAS STATION, is clear probable cause for arrest for attempted Arson. (See: Kenosha, WI riots) Cue the surprised Pikachu meme.



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