Holy Cow: John Cena Bombshell Announcement

John Cena Bombshell Announcement

After John Cena’s embarrassing apology to the Chinese Communist Party, he seemed to disappear from the headlines, until now. The WWE legend is now speaking out after his loss to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, and his statement was surprising to many fans.

John Cena has made a shocking announcement: his time in the ring is over, for now.

After losing his battle with the Universal Champ, Roman Reigns, in an epic match at Allegiant Stadium, Cena is taking a break.

Holy Cow John Cena Bombshell Announcement

According to reporting from TMZ, “the 16-time world champ came up short in the main event brawl, with Reigns taking the dub … and then being confronted by Brock Lesnar right after.”

Roman Reigns

Cena’s announcement came shortly after his defeat, when the WWE legend posted on Twitter about his decision to leave Vince McMahon’s organization.

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