Head of DoJ Wants Ungodly Amounts of YOUR TAX DOLLARS…Biden Set to Cave


Attorney General Merrick Garland is stoking Democrat-Socialist fears into asking Congress for an absurd amount of DoJ funding to fight “domestic terrorism”. . They aren’t talking about going after Antifa or BLM either.

AG Garland told the House Appropriations Subcommittee,

“Our budget supports my commitment to protecting our national security, including addressing both international and domestic terrorism, while respecting civil liberties. It includes increases of $45 million for the FBI for domestic terrorism investigations and $40 million for the U.S. Attorneys to manage increasing domestic terrorism caseloads.”

According to Axios,

“Garland told Congress in February that “we are facing a more dangerous period than we faced in Oklahoma City” in 1995, when an extremist attack killed 168 people and injured over 680 others.”

Garland’s Insane DoJ Budget

The new budget proposed by Garland for the DoJ reflects the Biden-Harris regimes obsession with “White Supremacists” as the penultimate threats to the domestic security of the United States while naturally making absolutely no mention of the domestic terrorists of BLM and Antifa or their 180 days of rioting, arson, murder and destruction. The budget provides massive infusions of funds for “Civil Rights” to align with the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the alleged increase in anti-Asian hate crime.

According to the AG’s statement to Congress the budget request contains:

  • $45 million for the FBI for “domestic terrorism investigations”
  • $40 million for the U.S. Attorneys to manage “increasing domestic terrorism caseloads”
    • (How many people are they planning to prosecute for said “domestic terrorism”? According to the Rand Foundation, prosecution for a homocide costs taxpayers about $44k. Using that as a baseline: Are they planning to prosecute about 900-1000 “domestic terrorists” in the next year?)
  • $33 million to increase the Department’s civil rights funding
  • $209 million for the Civil Rights Division
    • For “Community Relations Service, and related civil rights work”
    • “protecting voting rights” (From whom? The only organizations infringing American’s voting rights are the Democrat Party, Democrat-held state governments and the Biden-Harris regime themselves.)
    • “prosecuting hate crimes like those experienced by our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities during the COVID-19 pandemic”
  • $1 billion to support the work of the Justice Department’s Office of Violence Against Women (OVW).
  • $120 million is provided to expand our efforts to address widespread rape kit backlogs and to fund new investigative training programs for law enforcement officers and prosecutors in units dedicated to investigating genderbased violence.
  • $1.2 billion, an increase of $304 million of “increased investment in programs that support community oriented policing and addressing systemic inequities”
  • $232 million to “combat gun violence” with “grant funding for community violence intervention programs, improved background checks, and more comprehensive redflag laws. “
  • A 21-percent budget increase for the Executive Office for Immigration Review will help support 100 new immigration judges, improved technology, and other efficiency measures to reduce the backlog.

The DoJ Budget generally reads like the wish-list of a group hell-bent on enforcing a leftist world-view on an unwilling populace and anticipating an armed resistance.


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