George Soros Posse Gets Dealt 30 MASSIVE Defeats and It’s Just the Beginning

George Soros Posse Gets Dealt 30 MASSIVE Defeats and It's Just the Beginning

Virginia’s new Attorney General Jason Miyares is laying down the law, starting with firing all of George Soros‘ minions in the office.

Miyares, who was sworn in to the position of attorney general on January 15th alongside Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, fired 30 staff members upon taking office, 17 of whom were attorneys.

Victoria LaCivita, Miyares’ spokesperson, released a statement to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a local news outlet, about the firings, which read: “During the campaign, it was made clear that now Attorney General-elect Miyares and Attorney General Herring have very different visions for the office. We are restructuring the office, as every incoming AG has done in the past.”

LaCivita also spoke to the Daily Caller about the issue, and revealed that 2 of the personnel changes made were in the Office of Civil Rights.

A tweet from the spokeswoman also provided further information about the firings.

“AG elect Miyares is looking forward to fully analyzing and evaluating the entire Office of the Attorney General in the days and weeks after the Inauguration. After he’s had time to do this, we will announce any other office changes,” LaCivita tweeted.

A spokesperson for former AG Mark Herring released a statement regarding the fired former staff members.

“These are dedicated and professional public servants who do important work, like investigate wrongful convictions, protect Virginians’ civil rights, help to ensure free and fair elections, and prevent human trafficking and opioid abuse,” said former AG Herring spokesperson Charlotte Gomer. “Their absence will be a significant loss to the mission of the Office of Attorney General.”

Attorney General Miyares made an announcement on Twitter regarding two investigations that his office has already opened after firing the Soros staffers and hiring staffers that will actually prosecute crimes.

“As a candidate, I promised to investigate the scandals at the Virginia Parole Board and Loudoun County Schools. As Attorney General, I am proud to say that the process has begun and the investigations are officially open,” he tweeted.

People are already celebrating the attorney general’s actions on Twitter.

“Virginia’s new Attorney General has just fired the entire civil rights division in the AG office and announced that he will prosecute criminal cases in jurisdictions where Soros DAs decline to prosecute. He is also the first PoC Attorney General in Virginia history!” one Twitter user wrote.

“In his first day, he opened investigations into the Loudoun County rape coverup and the Parole Board that let violent criminals out on our streets. He’s not just changing the criminal justice policy moving forward, he’s holding officials accountable for what they did in the past,” he added in a subsequent tweet.

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