Antifa Insider Leaks Their Plans for America


Insider leaks from three Antifa chapters reveal the true plans these violent anarchists have for America. They’re no happier with the Imperial Palace than they are with deplorable Trump supporters and they won’t be happy until they burn the whole nation to the ground.

Antifa ready to boogie

The Boogaloo Boys may be considered the biggest terror threat to the FBI but Antifa chapters can see the graffiti on the wall. They’re all chattering in their chat rooms about how concerned they are that they’ll probably be included as “domestic terrorists” in upcoming legislation.

They aren’t too concerned about it though, and plan to continue the violent attacks on police and deplorable far-right patriots as usual.

Not only do Antifa-affiliated radicals promise to keep doing what they’ve been doing, they expect it to get worse with even “more upheaval and violence this year.”

Liberal Democrats are terrified of deplorable Trump supporters so have a new bill on the table to define domestic terrorists as anyone they don’t like. The only problem is that no matter how they word it, the new law will inevitably sweep anarchists into the dragnet due to the routine violence.

Newsweek sat down for a rambling interview with anonymous members of three separate Antifa chapters, two in Oregon, (Corvallis and Portland,) and one in Atlanta, Georgia. All of them were “worried about being branded terrorists” but aren’t going to stop.

“We’re going to continue doing what we’re doing,” the Corvallis spokesperson noted. “Whenever the state affords more powers to law enforcement and police, it almost always comes down the hardest on Black and Brown people.”

Amateur anarchists

Antifa members are fed up with the rumors that George Soros is funding their efforts. They aren’t getting squat and they’re out of pocket for all their riot gear too. It’s an expensive hobby they complain.

“The biggest misconception is that we’re hyper-militant, well-funded, super-soldiers who want to kill every god-fearing white American. This is the perspective a lot of mainstream right-wing journalism seeks to perpetuate and it’s patently false.”

Democrats aren’t popular to Antifa either. Every one of the undercover anarchists “framed the Democrats as a fresh face on toxic American capitalism, imperialism, and inequality.” That’s why there will be more violence.

“I see the administration as simply an extension of the status quo which often enables authoritarianism and fascism (e.g. police repression) but will fight back against fascism if fascism threatens its material interests,” one Atlanta activist observed.

“What we are noticing here is that the far-right is re-composing after January 6 and repression,” the Atlanta anti-fascist added. “But they are forming new alliances, and will likely be back on the streets soon enough.” Antifa will be ready.

“In an era where police frequently murder Black people with impunity, we don’t care too much about the concern trolling of centrist commentators,” the Corvallis activist warns.

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