Former Homeland Security Admin Makes Unbelievable Announcement About Trump and GOP

Former Homeland Security Admin Makes Unbelievable Announcement About Trump and GOP

During an interview on far-left conspiracy news network MSNBC, a former Homeland Security employee made an announcement about Donald Trump.

Low-Level Staffer With A High Opinion of Himself

Miles Taylor, a former low-level staffer whose only claim to fame was portraying himself as a high-level “insider” as the anonymous author of a New York Times op-ed and a subsequent book trashing President Trump, spoke with MSNBC host Kendis Gibson on the morning of March 13 to discuss the former president.

Taylor claimed that, behind the scenes in Washington, D.C., many members of the GOP establishment are hoping that Trump gets indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., which would end his political career.

This should come as a shock to absolutely no one, as the Washington establishment politicians, no matter which side of the aisle they are on, all want Trump gone because he makes them look bad. Many of them, like Joe Biden, have been in office for decades, and haven’t gotten as much done in that time as Trump did in his four years as president. Plus, Donald Trump prefers to say the quiet part out loud, which offends their sensibilities. Yes, he’s loud, boorish, and sometimes crass, but he gets the job done.

Miles Taylor, on the other hand, only served in the DHS from 2017-2019, where his highest position was a chief of staff for a short time to former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. The mainstream media fell in love with Taylor as ‘Anonymous,’ who claimed to be one of a group of “senior officials” within the Trump administration actively working against him to undermine his presidency.


When it finally came out that Taylor was ‘Anonymous,’ many people reacted with amusement.

In response to the news, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows tweeted: “You have got to be kidding me. Miles Taylor? That’s who the New York Times granted an anonymous editorial article? I’ve seen more exciting reveals in Scooby-Doo episodes. What a monumental embarrassment.”

Even a writer for a left-wing publication called Taylor out. “It’s an embarrassment,” Axios reporter Jonathan Swan said. “I also didn’t realize the definition of ‘senior administration official’ could be *this* expansive. Wasn’t even an agency chief of staff at the time the op-ed ran.”

“This low-level, disgruntled former staffer is a liar and a coward who chose anonymity over action and leaking over leading,” former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement to reporters. “He was ineffective and incompetent during his time as DHS Chief of Staff which is why he was promptly fired after only serving in this role for a matter of weeks It is appalling a low-ranking official would be granted anonymity and it is clear the New York Times is doing the bidding of Never-Trumpers and Democrats.”

It seems that McEnany was right, as Taylor is still choosing “leaking over leading.” His statements during the MSNBC interview sound more like an angry ex-employee than a distinguished DHS “official.”

Taylor Slanders Trump

“This is a man, who has an almost-clinical addiction to wrongdoing. Whether it’s cheating at his golf game or cheating at governing. I mean, look, we just saw the man tried to steal a national election. Would it surprise anyone that he tried to cheat on his tax returns?” Taylor claimed in the interview.

“Now, my prediction, Kendis, for this year, is going to be that the Donald Trump, who loves to win, win, win, is about to lose, lose, lose,” he added. “He lost a major election, he is losing in the court of public opinion and he is about to lose, I would predict, in the people’s court, if charges are brought against him. But, look, a lot of Republicans are actually hoping this will happen so they can move on from Donald Trump.”

Maybe A “Republican” — But Not A Conservative

According to his Twitter bio, Taylor is the “Co-Founder & Advisor @RepairRepublic. No longer Anonymous.” Digging a bit deeper, Repair Republic’s Twitter bio states that it is “a group of former US officials, advisors, and conservatives seeking to repair the GOP and America—with a return to founding principles.”

For a supposed Republican, Taylor’s organization shares Twitter posts that don’t seem to be in line with conservative principles, and seems to praise Joe Biden a lot. If the goal was to “return to founding principles,” would you really support Joe Biden?

Repair Republic shared this tweet recently:

The Bottom Line

It’s nice to have a president again? If by that you mean someone who bombs Syria and doesn’t share mean tweets that hurt people’s feelings, sure. But is he really presidential? Joe Biden has refused to answer questions from reporters, is absolutely failing at handling the crisis his policies have caused at the southern border, and is already delegating presidential duties to Kamala Harris. None of that sounds presidential. Miles Taylor is nothing more than a low-level former member of the DC swamp who got famous for attacking President Trump. He’s been out of the spotlight for a while since he was outed as ‘Anonymous,’ but MSNBC dug him back out of obscurity to keep up the illusion that “real Republicans” hate Trump, despite the fact that polls show Trump would win if the 2024 Republican primary were held today.

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