REVEALED: Biden and Pelosi’s Satanic Love Affair

Biden and Pelosi’s Satanic Love Affair

In yet another cringe-worthy Joe Biden moment, the former vice president awkwardly discussed his love for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi during the 2021 Issues Conference on March 4.

Professing His Love

During the conference, Biden and Pelosi awkwardly praised each other in ways that made most people watching very uncomfortable.

“Nancy, I love you. There’s no one I’d rather work with than you,” Biden said.

But then he took it one step further, using the peculiar phrase: “I admire the devil out of you.” This led to many on the right joking about Pelosi being the devil.

The devil is definitely in her,” one Twitter user wrote, responding to Biden’s statement.

Wayne Dupree, a podcast host and Air Force veteran, tweeted: “Bumbling Joe never sounded so lucid as he did when he called out the ‘devil’ and Pelosi together.”

But wait, it gets worse! Before Joe Biden’s awkward praise, Nancy Pelosi was bragging about how much her grandchildren love Biden. The Speaker of the House told a story about how they use a “magic word” phrase “open Biden” instead of “open sesame.”

If that doesn’t qualify as cringe-worthy, nothing does.

Watch the full virtual address here:

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