Donald Trump Sick of It, Goes Scorched Earth… Issues GRAVE Warning

Donald Trump Sick of It, Goes Scorched Earth... Issues GRAVE Warning

Donald Trump released a full statement about the ridiculous stunt that the Democrats are currently attempting in Congress, pulling no punches about his opinion of their antics.

Democrats have been proposing a commission to look into the January 6th incident at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., and now they may just get it. The so-called “Problem Solvers Caucus,” which claims to be a bipartisan group of 58 lawmakers, officially endorsed the creation of a commission on May 18 with seventy-five percent of the group voting in favor.

Donald Trump has decided to speak out about this partisan nonsense, telling conservatives in Congress to vote against establishing a commission.

“Republicans in the House and Senate should not approve the Democrat trap of the January 6 Commission,” his statement began.

Trump continued with a blunt statement, calling the left out for their blatant hypocrisy. “It is just more partisan unfairness and unless the murders, riots, and fire bombings in Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, and New York are also going to be studied, this discussion should be ended immediately,” he said.

If the events of January 6th were truly an insurrection, what has the radical left been doing on the streets around our country for over a year now? They have stormed federal buildings, they’ve even tried to burn them down. Compared to January 6, their actions are clearly much worse. Far-left activists have destroyed the lives and livelihoods of everyday Americans, but Democrats in Congress don’t care. The destruction of small businesses is fine, just don’t enter their precious Capitol building. Clearly the government is more important than the people it is supposed to represent.

“Republicans must get much tougher and much smarter, and stop being used by the Radical Left. Hopefully, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are listening!” Trump’s statement ended.

He’s right, and hopefully they are listening. Republicans have always campaigned on stopping the radical left, but when they get into office they either just sit around and do nothing, or continually compromise with the left. Instead of moving the country towards the right, they just act like a dead weight that the Democrats have to work a little harder to drag to the left.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has already spoken out about this commission, announcing his opposition to it just hours before Donald Trump released his statement.

According to McCarthy, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “refused to negotiate in good faith on basic parameters” of the commission. That’s no surprise, the left consistently refuses to compromise.

“Given the political misdirections that have marred this process, given the now duplicative and potentially counterproductive nature of this effort, and given the Speaker’s shortsighted scope that does not examine interrelated forms of political violence in America, I cannot support this legislation,” McCarthy added.

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