Mass Exodus of Kamala Harris Staffers Signals Trouble and Dark Waters

Kamala Harris is losing the support of the “KHive.”

What is that, you ask?

That would be the members of the liberal horde that put Harris on a pedestal and just realized they should have used her as a pinata instead.

She Failed Us

If you start looking up KHive posts from two years ago, Harris was the queen.

Now you read posts like this…

“I would never, ever say that I regret supporting the first Black woman vice president, ever.

“But the disappointment is real.

“I was obsessed with the idea of this person who could undo the systemic, the systematic racism and sexism and heterosexism in government with one fell swoop, and now I’m thinking to myself, did I just make up a person in my head who could do those things?”

Harris was supposed to be the lock to follow up Joe Biden, but that is not going to happen now.

I honestly doubt Harris could get out of the primary on her own.

She has failed, literally, at every assignment she has been given, and now ever her loyal horde is realizing she is a dud.

Kamala, it is over!

Source: The Blaze

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