The Imperial Palace is reportedly on high alert as officials investigate “at least two mysterious directed-energy attack incidents on American soil, including one in close proximity to the White House.” Whether the Russians are behind it or not, you know they will be accused of it. Unconfirmed sources say that the big reason for the panic now is because they can’t tell if Imperial Leader Joe Biden is being targeted by mind control rays or if that’s his natural behavior.

Probe launched over attack incidents

Pentagon staff launched the probe after at least two individuals in Washington, D.C. experienced the same unusual and mysterious symptoms as ones attributed to “a destabilizing condition suffered by US troops abroad.”

It seems like a deliberate attack. The first incident, affecting a National Security Council official, reportedly occurred in November of 2020. The staffer fell ill while attending an event in the 52-acre park located just south of the White House, called the “Ellipse.”

A separate attack occurred in the Virginia suburbs outside the capital according to the White House official walking her dog who got mentally nuked. Both Senate and House versions of the Armed Services Committees are investigating the incidents but, so far, nobody has any idea what “might have happened.”

That scares them even more because “the staff is said to be alarmed at the proximity of the incidents to the home of the U.S. President.” Back then, it was Donald Trump.

Rumors leaking from the CIA confirm the leaks from defense staff. The whole community of spooky alphabet intelligence agencies are seeing the same things they saw before.

They call the mysterious illness a “Havana syndrome” attack. The first time it was documented was after a 2016 episode in Cuba. That was reported by Embassy staff who were used to being routinely microwaved with radar by the Russians.

Range of worrying symptoms

Nobody ever pinned down a cause for the “range of worrying symptoms, including headaches, earache, and loss of balance with some even reporting a loss of memory and long-term brain damage.”

The world did start looking at it a lot more seriously though after “similar symptoms have also been reported by CIA officials on duty in other countries around the world – including China, Russia, and Syria.” This isn’t a natural phenomena, it’s an attack.

After over four years of  incidents have been blamed on everything from microwaves to crickets to stress and none of those theories work. All the guys who build secret weapons say they would love to be able to build one but can’t even come close.

They can build a sonic gun to disburse crowds with but it’s the size of a truck and couldn’t be hidden. Microwaves strong enough to do the damage would incinerate the target to a smoking cinder. It can’t be hallucination because they have recordings. The recordings sound like Jamaican crickets, but the only way to harm someone with a cricket is to stick it in your ear. No matter how loud you make their sounds, they don’t cause the symptoms.

The only thing that they do know is that if a sound made the attack it had to be one of three kinds. There are audible sounds you can hear. Infrasound which are frequencies too low to hear, and ultrasound.

They tried ultrasound and microwaves and now they’re up to testing X-rays. Whatever the answer is, the Russians seem to have it. Some say they got it from the space aliens but that’s another story.

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