Cuban Leader Bowing Out, Leaving Future Uncertain


Raul Castro made an announcement Friday that will throw Florida and Cuba into uncertainty. The ageing leader has confirmed that he will be stepping down from his role over the Cuban Communist Party in favor of a younger generation ending sixty years of unquestioned Castro dominance over the island nation. Castro had previously handed the role of President to Miguel Diaz-Canel in 2018 while retaining his role as Party-First-Secretary.

Castro said Cuba was ready for a “new type of relationship with the United States without … Cuba having to renounce the principles of the revolution and socialism.” He also lauded Diaz-Canel as one of a “new generation” of cuban leaders,

“I believe fervently in the strength and exemplary nature and comprehension of my compatriots, and as long as I live I will be ready with my foot in the stirrups to defend the fatherland, the revolution and socialism,” Castro told hundreds of party delegates gathered at a convention center in Havana.

Castro during the closed-door speech reportedly denounced President Donald Trump’s tougher stances on the Communist nation which followed suspected microwave radio attacks that injured multiple Americans stationed at our embassy in 2016-17, an embassy re-opened during a thaw in relations between Castro’s regime and the socialist-friendly Obama administration.

The attacks were later confirmed by Congressional studies in 2019-20 under President Trump,

The latest study was carried out by a team of medical and scientific experts who examined the symptoms of about 40 government employees.

The BBC reported,

“Many have suffered longstanding and debilitating effects,” the report said.

“The committee felt that many of the distinctive and acute signs, symptoms and observations reported by (government) employees are consistent with the effects of directed, pulsed radio frequency (RF) energy,” the report reads.

“Studies published in the open literature more than a half-century ago and over the subsequent decades by Western and Soviet sources provide circumstantial support for this possible mechanism.”

Hope For The Cuban People

According to The Epoch Times, “government critics like “artivist” Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, whom Havana accuses of being part of a U.S.-backed soft coup attempt, say the death knell is sounding for the revolution.

“Raul is passing over the power to someone with little charisma and who does not have much popular support,” he said while staging his latest performance against the government, in which he sits in a garrote for the four days of the congress. “This takes us one step closer to democracy.”

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