Democrat Congressman “We violated our founding promises before the ink was dry”


A departing Democrat Congressman has defamed our founding fathers and tarnished the image of our nation with revisionist history straight out of the debunked 1690 Project. “We violated our founding promises before the ink was dry”. Interestingly, he was not referring to Massachusetts’s staggeringly autocratic COVID19 restrictions.

The latest Congressman from a fallen Democrat Dynasty

Four term Congressman Joseph Kennedy III (D-Mass) declined to run for re-election to his seat, instead challenging 74 year-old Senator Ed Markey and failed. During his farewell speech Kennedy, who rose to prominence with his counter-address to President Trump’s State of The Union, chose to deride and defame our founding fathers and their legacy, with a divisive message of false privilege. He said,

“We are a complicated and messy country. We violated our founding promises before the ink was dry. We boldly declared ‘we the people’ and promptly defined ‘we’ as rich, white, Protestant men. We staked out moral high ground of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and paid for it with human bondage, abuse, and suffering that we carry to this day.”

Like his Presidential Great-Uncle, Kennedy is prone to soaring oratory, but he instead uses it to couch his message of progressive-socialist wealth redistribution to solve for what he sees as inequality and injustice which is “a deliberate choice by those in power about who is worthy and who is not.

The Associated Press’ Alan Fram reported:

“Retiring Rep. Joe Kennedy III used his farewell speech from Congress on Wednesday to deride the “great lie of our times” that the government lacks the resources and will to help people in need. He said the real problem is greed, not scarcity.”

What does Kennedy’s future hold?

It is notable, that 2021 will mark the first time that a member of the Kennedy Dynasty once referred to as ‘Camelot’ will not sit in Congress since 1947. However, according to the Boston Herald,

“Kennedy’s also been floated as a top contender for a special Senate election in the increasingly unlikely chance U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren gets tapped for a position in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration. But his spokeswoman, Emily Kaufman, recently told the Herald, “Joe does not plan to run for Senate next year if a seat opens up.”

So there is a very good chance, that this is not the last time that a bearer of the Kennedy lineage will attempt to thrust the yoke of progressive-socialist wealth redistribution onto Americans under the disingenuous guise of addressing “inequity” or the “injustices” of our founders.


  1. We all learn so much, when a brazen elite lectures the rest of us about elitism. It happens every day, and it is very boring to those of us who can see the scam. It is frustrating, though that so many who apparently can’t see the scam continue to vote for clowns like this.

  2. “Progressives” need deal with reality or history. Many, if not most, of the current problems today can be traced to Woodrow Wilson and FDR. Then add in what the “Progressives” have been doing since the 1970s to undermine prosperity and freedom and the reasons we have problems today are obvious.

  3. I don’t see any of your family doing without. Your another phony using the subject of equality to bring about a global government. Go home and stay out of our life.

  4. Name a member of the Kennedy dynasty after John and Robert, who hasn’t been a glad handing Sack of Shite? Well, I’m waiting.

  5. Karma or Kennedy curse? With a name like that, are you paying for the sins of past generations? Demon/hypocrtical party probably should pay attention. Their children’s future will be affected.

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