Second Amendment Shock Decision… They’re Coming!

Second Amendment
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This administration is dead set on coming after the weapons of law-abiding citizens.

To that point, Joe Biden has issued yet another executive order.

This time, he is giving Merrick Garland the keys to come after our guns.

The Gun or the Person?

According to Dems, guns kill people, people do not kill people.

They always fault the weapon rather than the person pulling the trigger.

Guns are the only weapon or tool that they use this way.

They are not looking to outlaw knives, bow and arrow kits, cars, or even bomb materials… just guns.

Biden claims his new order will “accelerate and intensify” this work to saving “more lives more quickly.”

The order empowers his cabinet to structure the federal government in a way that will enable better local outreach.

It also gives Garland the authority to expand background checks, specifically as they pertain to gun dealer rules.

What I did not see was holding federal agencies accountable for updating their records in a timely fashion, which has already resulted in numerous people getting their hands on weapons who never should have had them.

Biden also wants to hold gun manufacturers responsible for marketing guns in a way that makes them attractive to children.

If that is the case, will he outlaw guns in video games and movies, where many kids become fascinated with them?

Considering Hollywood fills up his war chest, I would suspect that will not be the case.

Source: Fox News

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