He Just Won His Election… But He’s DEAD

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The idiocy of our political system never ceases to amaze me.

I am not talking about the government that our Founding Fathers started, but the bastardization of it that we are dealing with today.

How in the world can a deceased candidate remain on the ballot and actually win an election?

But He’s Dead

I am not sure what is more idiotic… the fact that with today’s technology, Rep. Donald Payne (D-N.J.) could not be removed and replaced on a ballot after having passed away nearly two months ago, or that people actually voted for the dead guy.

Regardless, Payne won the primary race, so now New Jersey has a real mess to clean up.

First, a special election must be held to finish the term of Payne.

Next, they also need to have another special election to decide the primary race.

The shame of all this is that with all this chaos on the ballot, the district is firmly blue and has not been won by a Republican in nearly a century, so the idea of flipping the seat is just not realistic.

This is going to be a packed race, too, with 11 Democrats already vying for the seat.

You know what would have made a lot of sense… holding the special election on election day to nominate the candidates to finish out the term, as well as electing the primary winner that would face off against Republicans in the general election.

It just amazes me that state governments continue to make elections far more difficult and costly than they really need to be.

So, the dates we are now eyeballing are July 16 for the primary special election, then September 18 to see who will finish out Payne’s term.

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