Breaking: Govt Says ‘You Can ONLY Leave Home for 3 Reasons’


An announcement from Australian Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner on January 6th sounds like something from an authoritarian dystopia. More akin to the post-apocalyptic Mad Max imagining of Australia than the actual real-world nation but sure enough here it is. In addition to a Vaccine passport system which is to be introduced on January 10th, Gunner has instituted a 4-day full “lockout” explicitly for unvaccinated people. For vaccinated Top Enders (yup, that’s what they call residents of the Northern Territory), only the pre-existing indoor mask mandates remain in effect. The vaccine pass system is even more disturbing in that it is long term, but in the short term here’s what the Chief Minister told the press about the draconian 4-day coercive lockdown that punishes only the unvaccinated. The Northern Territories is also home to the “Howard Springs Quarantine Facility”, which is essentially a COVID19 concentration camp.

The Authoritarian Regime of Michael Gunner

“First, the lockout: The fully vaccinated can continue as they were. For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone sixteen and above. If you are not fully vaxxed stay home. You are at greater risk of catching COVID, becoming ill, and needing hospital care.

You may only leave home for three reasons:

-Medical treatment, including COVID testing or vaccination.

-For essential goods and services, like groceries, power tokens, medications.

-To provide care and support for a family member or person who cannot support themselves.

You cannot travel more than thirty kilometers (18.6 miles) from your home when you’re leaving for one of the three reasons or the nearest practical destination. If you need to go to the hospital and it’s more than thirty kilometers from your home that’s okay.

There are only three reasons to leave your home now, not five.

Work is not a reason to leave the home for the unvaccinated

The chief health officer has also determined that restriction of movement is critical right now and that one hour of exercise for the next four days is not essential.

Remember: these restrictions only apply to those who are not fully vaccinated”

‘Vaccine Pass’ Will Follow 4-Day ‘Lockout’ – Extending Persecution Of The Unvaccinated Indefinitely

The Australian state Cheif Minister also announced a ‘vaccine pass’ system that will go into effect at 1 PM on Jan. 10th according to 9News Darwin,

“A vaccine pass will be necessary for entering high-risk hospitality settings,” he said.
The pass will be necessary to enter pubs, clubs, casinos, restaurants, cinemas, ticketed events for over 500 people in urban centres and over 100 in non-urban centres.
Residents will need to use the Territory check-in app and show proof of vaccination to enter these venues.”
Territorians (another name for them) who have not submitted to the COVID19 mRNA treatment or viral vector vaccine, will be excluded from all of these venues on an ongoing basis. As of Jan. 7th, there are a total of 1,1,81 active cases of COVID, 19 hospitalized patients with COVID (not necessarily FROM COVID), 2 patients in intensive care, and 1 death according to the Australian Government.
While the authoritarian nature of these actions is obvious and need not be restated, (the targeting of the unvaccinated in particular as a persecuted group is seriously disturbing),  given the extremely low number of hospitalized patients, one has to point out the complete lack of even a thin scientific or medical justification. This seems to be authoritarian oppression of those who refuse to submit to the jab… purely for its own sake.
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