Despite Heavy Media Blackout, Resistance Begins to Break Through


Over the weekend the news blackout surrounding any pushback or protests against vaccine mandates and passports has reached a frightening level. The Resistance is growing. From the anti-vaccine mandate protests in Rome to the explosions at Florence airport and the arrest of many prominent right-wing leaders, the news from Italy has been tightly controlled and extremely suspect. Furthermore in the US developments of the #FreedomFlu have been almost confirmably falsified by the mainstream media as hundreds of Southwest Airlines employees have taken to social media in an attempt to inform the world of their resistance to the airline’s vaccine mandate, and reliable reports state that 6,000 Air Traffic Controllers have not yet received their required mRNA treatment. Not only is the Resistance definitely growing, it is doing so in spite of the suppression.

The Anti-Vaccine Mandate Resistance Is Building, And It’s Global

In addition to recent protests and riots in the streets of Australia, the mainstream is also blithely silent on the protests mounting in France and in Germany as well.

According to Reuters,

“Thousands of people took to the streets of the Italian capital on Saturday to oppose the move. Some tried to break past police in riot gear guarding access to Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s office, while a separate group broke into the headquarters of Italy’s main CGIL trade union and turned its offices upside down.

Overnight, dozens of protesters also tried to break into the accident and emergency unit at Rome’s Policlinico Umberto I hospital, where one of them was being kept for treatment, forcing health workers to barricade themselves inside, emergency department head Francesco Pugliese told reporters on Sunday.”

Reports from The Sun indicated that twelve protestors were either detained or arrested out of some 10,000 demonstrators who turned up on Saturday voicing their outrage over the Green Pass requirements scheduled to take effect October 15th.

Protests led by the famous ‘Yellow-vests’ continued over the weekend in France as thousands took the streets of Paris for two straight days and police reportedly lost control of the scene. Officers barely regained the upper hand as protesters attempted to march into the Prime minister’s building.

According to Ruptly, “Hundreds of demonstrators gathered for a march against the country’s COVID-19 measures, as seen in Wohrder Wiese, Nuremberg on Saturday. Participants held signs criticizing Germany’s 2G and 3G regulations, which require that people are either vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recently tested positive for the virus, in order to enter businesses and public spaces.”

“There are a few demands, on the one hand, we are here in Nuremberg, reminding us of the Nuremberg Codex, according to which vaccinations must always be voluntary and well informed. And at the moment neither one nor the other is the case,” said protester Hans Pfister.

The mainstream media are working overtime alongside big-tech platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to bury this threat to their narrative. But you have a choice, you can let them. Or you can share what you’ve learned. The world is awakening, we cannot allow our own countrymen to remain asleep.

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