Biden Is More Like FDR Than We Ever Knew


The left is working at break-neck pace to christen Joe Biden as FDR the second, a spiritual successor of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. As the Biden-Harris regime prepares to unleash a $3 Trillion budget busting deficit bomb on the American people, replete with “green” winner-picking subsidies beyond even AOC wildest dreams and billions in spending directed by critical race theory, the descendants of FDR and his cabinet even penned a letter supporting him.

The letter, led by James Roosevelt, Jr., a grandson of FDR and co-chair of the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic National Committee pushed for the Biden-Harris regime to support S. 784 the “The Jobs for Economic Recovery Act”.

What they wrote speaks volumes about the priorities of the Democratic-Socialists clinging to the bones of FDR,

“The legislation would enable unemployed Americans to work in wage-paying jobs, carrying out useful projects, until they can be absorbed in the recovering labor market. It gives the lead to states, tribes, and local governments in designing specific employment projects to meet the varied needs of a diverse country. Like the new CCC, it ensures that groups left behind by the New Deal’s jobs programs — Blacks, Hispanics, Asian and Pacific Island Americans, LGBTQ+ individuals, other minorities, women, and people with disabilities — will get their fair share of wage-paying jobs.”

Are We Taking Biden’s Delusions Of Similarity to FDR Seriously?

Before we answer that, we need to take a good hard look at Roosevelt and shed some of the hero worship that even the GOP have granted him since his death. The ideological objectives of the Biden-Harris regime do dovetail with the hyper-progressive FDR as do their pet projects and performance so far. Let’s look at some similarities.

  • FDR failed to end the Great Depression (the War handled that), Biden has similarly failed to address COVID in any meaningful fashion and the states that have bucked him have succeeded where those who adhered to his plan still falter.
  • Roosevelt founded our modern welfare state, a set of disastrous social-engineering programs which Biden intents to expand upon in perpetuity.
  • And as Ralph Raico, a CATO Institute fellow, wrote in 1989 for Reason:

“The second main component of Roosevelt’s legacy is globalism; FDR carried the banner of Woodrow Wilson’s uninformed international meddling to previously unscaled heights. It was America’s destiny, duty, and high privilege to make, and to the end of time keep, the whole world safe for democracy. A crucial underpinning of the new world order was to be close collaboration with Stalin’s Russia.”

Roosevelt favored Stalinist communism and found it comparable to his New Deal much as Biden seems to have a fondness for Beijing’s method of getting things done. Roosevelt said, “They all seem really to want to do what is good for their society instead of wanting to do for themselves. We take care of ourselves and think about the welfare of society afterward.”

Biden makes no secret of his admiration for FDR either. According to the Washington Examiner,

“In early March, President Joe Biden met with a group of seven historians in the East Room of the White House. One topic of conversation: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal. “He’d like to be [FDR],” Axios’ Mike Allen reported in an inside account of the meeting.”

As we edge closer to an explosive division of the American people its also becoming obvious that Biden is not looking outside of our nation to provide his Democratic-Socialist political movement with the last variable it needs: an enemy. He’s looking within. That enemy is Conservative America. Demonizing the right will give Biden all of the justification the left feels he needs.

They couldn’t find any real Nazis, so they’ll invent some instead.


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