The Global NIGHTMARE You Were Warned About is Now Glaring Everyone in the Face

COVID19 was only the beginning. According to multiple experts including the UN World Food Program, things are about to get much, much worse in 2021. The global and global-ist nightmare you were warned about for decades now is glaring in everyone’s face. The global nightmare of inflation, food shortages, and supply interruptions: just like we saw in March-April 2020 just worse. The global-ist nightmare is how the governments of the world respond to this storm.

First The Global Nightmare

  • We’re looking at  “famines of biblical proportions in 2021”according David Beasley, Director of the UN World Food Program.
    • Bloomberg wrote “A United Nations gauge of global costs rose for a ninth straight month in February, the longest run since 2008, when the world faced the first of two food crises within several years. Prices of everything from sugar to vegetable oils rose last month, sending the overall measure to a fresh six-year high.”
    • “Staples are trickling through to supermarket shelves, with emerging markets particularly exposed.”
    • “Bigger grocery bills risk accelerating inflation, making it harder for central banks to provide more stimulus.”
    • The US is not immune either: “Consumers in developed countries such as U.S., Canada, and Europe aren’t immune to rising food prices from pandemic-related disruptions (but increases aren’t as bad as EM countries at the moment). Kraft Heinz Co and Conagra Brand recently warned customers that surging prices of wheat, sugar, and other commodities would be passed onto customers.”
  • Global Inflation is already ramping up according to ZeroHedge, “As the global money supply continues to expand at a frightening pace,” Due in part to COVID19 stimulus and massive Government spending more than 23% of all US Dollars ever created were made in the past year.
  • According to the Federal Reserve 40% of Americans don’t have $400 in the bank for emergency expenses.
  • Massive ecological hazards like a literal plague of locusts are striking in East Africa and Saudi Arabia.
  • Bitcoin was just under $30,000, and has shot up to $48,047
  • #Gamestonks has shown us how fragile, vulnerable and insanely volatile the stock market is.

According to ZeroHedge “Global food prices are going up, and the timing couldn’t be worse.

In Indonesia, tofu is 30% more expensive than it was in December. In Brazil, the price of local mainstay turtle beans is up 54% compared to last January. In Russia, consumers are paying 61% more for sugar than a year ago.”

All of this has been the trend for the last twenty years, President Trump was able to slow it down, but not by much. Under the Biden-Harris regime, the globalist plan for America and the world is moving forward. These problems aren’t being solved, they’re being accelerated, intentionally.

Then The Global-ist Nightmare- The Great Reset

This is the World Economic Forum’s vision of the world after this deliberately engineered crisis triggers the “Great Reset”.

They aren’t hiding it! This is from the set of objectives from the World Economic Forum’s own site.

  • All products will become services. “I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes,” writes Danish MP Ida Auken. Shopping is a distant memory in the city of 2030, whose inhabitants have cracked clean energy and borrow what they need on demand.

“It sounds utopian, until she mentions that her every move is tracked and outside the city live swathes of discontents, the ultimate depiction of a society split in two.”

  • There will be a global price on carbon.China took the lead in 2017 with a market for trading the right to emit a tonne of CO2, setting the world on a path towards a single carbon price and a powerful incentive to ditch fossil fuels, predicts Jane Burston, Head of Climate and Environment at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. Europe, meanwhile, found itself at the centre of the trade in cheap, efficient solar panels, as prices for renewables fell sharply.”
  • They want US dominance over. Instead they want a handful of global powers.Nation states will have staged a comeback, writes Robert Muggah, Research Director at the Igarapé Institute. Instead of a single force, a handful of countries – the U.S., Russia, China, Germany, India and Japan chief among them – show semi-imperial tendencies. However, at the same time, the role of the state is threatened by trends including the rise of cities and the spread of online identities,”
  • You will be forece to eat much less meat.Rather like our grandparents, we will treat meat as a treat rather than a staple, writes Tim Benton, Professor of Population Ecology at the University of Leeds, UK. It won’t be big agriculture or little artisan producers that win, but rather a combination of the two, with convenience food redesigned to be healthier and less harmful to the environment.”
  • “Capitalism as we Know it is Dead” According to Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce. (You know the ones who just cancelled Project Veritas…)

“This obsession that we have had with maximizing profits for shareholders alone has led to terrible inequality in the planetary emergency.”

Instead they want “Stakeholder Capitalism” which would shift businesses away from “just profit” that must “encompass people, planet, prosperity and institutions”.

“Giving people a real stake in the economy putting well-being before growth, and that’s all about getting the right people, in the right place at the right time.” You have to ask: who decides who the “right people” the “right place” and the “right time” are?

Here’s a hint: IT ISN’T YOU.

Welcome to Democratic-Socialism.

The WEF comes right out and says that the only way to accomplish this is through “trust” between the private sector and the public sector. But they don’t mean trust the way you and I do, they mean the kind of Trust that ran the oil industry at the turn of the century. They mean total vertical integration of global government and mega-corporations. That’s the great reset: we own nothing and a gestalt organization of global government and already nation transcending corporations own everything and “rent” to us in amounts they pre-designate at their will, not ours.



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