Battleground State Is NOT Done Fighting, Continues STOP THE STEAL

Battleground State Is NOT Done Fighting, Continues STOP THE STEAL

Finally, someone is fighting for the integrity of our elections. A Republican lawmaker in a battleground state is defending new legislation that would protect “the quality of votes.”

The Argument

Republicans are sick of the left’s push to implement measures that would weaken the security of our elections. From widespread mail-in voting to expanding early voting, these Democrat ideas are all an attempt to draw in uninformed voters, who disproportionately support Democrats.

In an argument that is sure to rile up the left, Arizona state Representative John Kavanagh says that “everybody shouldn’t be voting.”

Kavanagh, who chairs the state legislature’s Government and Elections Committee, told CNN that the left is “willing to risk fraud” in its efforts to expand voter access.

“Republicans are more concerned about fraud, so we don’t mind putting security measures in that won’t let everybody vote – but everybody shouldn’t be voting,” he added.

Kavanagh then went on to note that the Democrats’ efforts to expand mail-in voting and make it easier to register to vote can “greatly influence the outcome of the election” by targeting “uninformed” voters.

Of course, the left is furious, and arguing that the GOP legislation is voter suppression. They fail to see the point being made here.

“Not everybody wants to vote, and if somebody is uninterested in voting, that probably means that they’re totally uninformed on the issues. Quantity is important, but we have to look at the quality of votes, as well,” Kavanagh said.

According to Yahoo! News, “Republicans in at least 43 state houses have introduced more than 250 bills restricting voting rights.”

By “restricting voting rights,” they actually mean increasing election security. These bills, many of which are being introduced in battleground states, range from voter ID laws to restrictions on mail-in ballots.

The Bottom Line

Many people in this country choose not to vote. They are either uninformed, or uninterested. Democrats argue they should make it so easy that everyone, including 16 year-olds, uninformed voters, and even illegal immigrants, are able to cast a ballot. They push mail-in voting, which opens up more avenues for fraud, and puts ballots in the hands of people who don’t care to vote. Democrats also push for eliminating voter ID laws, which they say are racist.

Republicans argue that voting should be accessible to those that want to vote, and there should be several security measures in place to prevent fraud. Voter ID laws are not racist, they are an important security measure that most countries put in place to prevent fraud. The very argument, that these laws are racist, is itself racist.

It’s not just Republicans saying that we need voter ID laws. MRCTV’s Dan Joseph went to the streets in downtown Washington D.C. to ask black citizens about these laws:

Satirist Ami Horowtiz went to UC Berkeley to ask students about voter ID laws, then went to Harlem to ask black citizens what they thought of their responses:

The bottom line is: Republicans want more secure elections, and Democrats want no security whatsoever.

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