Corruption Running Amuck…Arizona Republican Rep DENIED Access


Deep State corruption is running amuck in Arizona while Rep. Paul Gosar was allegedly denied congressional inspection access to the counting room. Conservative residents are wondering why the election was called without their votes being counted, while an intentional Deep State Psy-Op misdirection campaign is aimed at them, hoping to discredit conservative Trump supporters for questioning the rigged results by making them think that their ballots won’t be counted if they used a sharpie.

Expose the corruption

The media is reporting that Republican lawmaker Paul Gosar was denied entry to the Maricopa County Elections Center, where ballots are being counted. He showed up at the Arizona State Capitol Wednesday night with a heavily armed contingent of deplorables to expose the corruption and “Protect the Vote.” The massive crowd of anxious deplorables were angry over false rumors that their ballots wouldn’t be counted if they were marked with anything other than a ballpoint.

The Democrat Deep State is desperate to sow the seeds of chaos to help them cover up for their theft of the election in Arizona. Trump ballots were discovered in fields, the election was called before any of the Trump loving outlying rural areas were counted. To cover the corruption trail, somebody made the false claim that sharpie ink wouldn’t scan in the vote machines. Suddenly, everybody believed it, despite all the election officials debunking it solidly.

Deep State Trolls continue to share the message hoping to misinform the masses. Once they debunk Sharpiegate, nobody in Arizona can question the real corruption. Of course your vote was counted, Sharpiegate is a myth, just like “Pizzagate.” That way they can conveniently skate around all the legitimate fraud the same way they covered up the “preference” code used in Epstein’s pervert paradise discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Gosar demanding answers

Rep. Paul Gosar isn’t buying into the hype and he is demanding answers. With election fraud reports rolling in from around the country, like 130,000 Ballots, every one of which were marked for Biden, that showed up in Detroit around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, Arizona voters are edgy. Especially the ones who voted for Trump, because they have no idea how Biden could be given the state without fraud. Gosar wants to shine the spotlight on vote rigging corruption.

He implored corruption hating patriots to “meet now. State Capitol. By the liberty bell.” The reason, “the president had our backs. Now we have his. Count all votes.” A thousand or so showed up chanting “We want Trump.” Gosar tweeted, “a thousand patriots seek justice. 65 million more across the country. Don’t let them steal our votes.” He also promoted “Back the blue. Now. Phoenix supports our law enforcement and our president.” They showed up armed with assault rifles, declaring, “Stop the steal” and “Show us the vote!”

The main reason for the gathering was to declare an end to the corruption by making sure every single vote gets counted while the bogus ones get properly weeded out. He also called for “all red blooded American patriots” to come down for a follow up rally Friday, notifying patriots to rally at the MARICOPA County election center “Friday at 10 a.m.”

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