‘Morale Is High, Fight’: Trump and House Republicans FIGHT for America


Wednesday, January 6, 2021, will be a crucial day in American history. “Morale is high” for the fight, one lawmaker reports, following a powerful Republican conference call with the president. Not only will every patriotic American be watching what happens that day, millions of Constitution supporting patriots are expected to surround the Capitol Building while the dire deliberations go on inside. The National Guard will be standing by, but heavily outnumbered. Congress has been on notice, for five years now, that they are in violation of their constitutional obligations. If they fail to do the right thing this time and invalidate the fraudulent election results, “We The People” are set to make the citizens arrests promised in October of 2013. This day of reckoning has been coming for a long, long time.

Fight for America

On Sunday, Alabama lawmaker Mo Brooks reported that President Donald Trump and at least 50 Republican lawmakers had a very productive conference call to talk about the upcoming “objections” to fraudulent election results produced by several states. American citizens have lost all faith in election integrity and something must be done about it. Now is the time to fight. Either our elected lawmakers will stand up and accept their constitutional obligations or we have no laws.

If we have lawless “anarchy,” then there’s nothing at all to stop millions of patriots from burning the Capitol Building to the ground with everyone inside. That’s what mob rule anarchy is all about, as liberal Democrats proved time and again all through the past year. Responsible patriots would prefer to do things in a more civilized way than Antifa types would. Patriots are talking about locking everyone inside under citizens arrest until WE THE PEOPLE can hold a trial. Sentencing to follow.

Around 50 House Republicans, including Jim Jordan, held what amounts to a counsel of war with President Donald Trump and his chief of staff, Mark Meadows. According to Rep. Brooks, “The momentum to fight against voter fraud and election theft is rapidly gaining.” More lawmakers are jumping on the Trump Train every day, not in support of the president, but in support of the Constitution, Rule of Law and election integrity.

“In my judgment, the primary reason so many congressmen and senators are now coming forward to fight this fight is because so many American citizens have made it known that this fight is critical to America’s future.” Each and every Congressman and Senator will be painfully aware of the howling mob of patriots surrounding Capitol Hill. Hopefully, that will encourage them to do the right thing, instead of bowing down to the whims of the New World Order.


The way Wednesday’s procedure works, all it takes is one Representative to raise an objection, and one Senator to second that objection, to cause a mandatory 2 hour session of debate.

At the end of that debate, if the fraudulent results are allowed to stand, We The People are expected to exercise the legal remedies provided by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. President Donald Trump also has virtually unlimited power to take charge under the Emergency Powers Act. He’s expected to use them and fight the fraud, under his oath to defend the Constitution.

Patriot’s filed this NOTICE OF BREACH on January 1, 2016.

Senators lining up to second objections

A few days after Senator Josh Hawley announced that he would essentially become the first senator to second the House objections, Senators Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and a list of others quickly jumped onboard to fight for America. Cruz is demanding an “emergency, 10-day audit” to review the election fraud allegations.

The District of Columbia has already deployed “340 troops to provide support to D.C. Metropolitan Police for the pro-Trump demonstrations expected on January 5 and January 6.” That’s not many.

LifeSite news reports that “Over 1 million supporters of President Donald J. Trump are expected to meet in Washington, D.C., between Tuesday and Wednesday to rally for the president and show support for election integrity.”It will be a lopsided fight.

The march is being billed as the “biggest rally in history.” Organizers have reportedly “already raised over $170,000 in advance.” What started as several different rallies “have now merged into a larger event” called March to Save America.

“Take a stand with President Trump and the #StopTheSteal coalition and be at the The Ellipse (President’s Park) at 7am. The fate of our nation depends on it,” the March to Save America wrote. Now is the time for patriots to follow through on a fight they started in 2013. Truckers, veterans, and bikers all descended on D.C. Then, the truckers were determined to perform citizens arrests on members of Congress for failing to uphold their oaths of office. The swamp won that round.

On January 1, 2016, one day before the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, supporters of then candidate Donald Trump issued a formal notice of breach of contract, appointing Trump with power to negotiate on behalf of We The People. It may not be a legal document but every patriot who shared it on Facebook meant every word that it said. After 5 years, Congress is still not complying with the law. If they won’t who will?

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  1. Sadly the Democraps at all levels have forsaken the CONSTITUTION. They used FRAUD to steal the Election based solely on their Desire for Power and HATE of America and Americans. They want to be able to put who they want in power and when Trump defeated their blessed one picked by their god Obozo namely Hitlery. This made them mad and now they have stolen back the power and will do everything in their Power to keep what they have no matter how DIRTY they have to be to keep it. The proof is in how they VIOLATED the Constitution in how they were operating the Electoral Vote counting. See CONSTITUTIONALLY ALL actions in the Capital are to be held open to any American who wants to watch them. America will be DESTROYED by the Ho which is who will be going into the White House And Pedo Joe will be going back to his basement to hide as his Alzheimer’s and Dementia rob him of what little sense he has. Which his actions show the week before the election to be nonexistent.

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