Wow: Burger King Ad Hijacks Christ’s Words During Holy Week


Burger King in Spain used the biblical words of Jesus Christ at the Last Supper in an utterly tone-deaf and badly misguided Holy Week ad campaign for vegetarian food products, and then apologized after an outcry from Catholics in the nation, Fox News reported

“Take all of you and eat of it,”  one advertisement mentioned in a pitch for the Big King Veggie sandwich, the News network claimed.

An additional advertisement claimed, “Flesh of my flesh” with words “flesh” twice crossed off and also replaced with veggie, Fox News stated.

Burger King Tweeted (Translated),

“We apologize to all those who have been offended by our campaign aimed at promoting our vegetable products at Easter. Our intention has never been to offend anyone and the immediate withdrawal of the campaign has already been requested.”

Twitter User, La Milanesa replied (Translated), “If this was publicity, apologies are fine. There is no reason to take a text, sacred to many, and use it to sell products. It’s called common sense and apparently your advertising and marketing agency doesn’t have it. It’s respect”

The advertising campaign agitated Catholics in Spain, where 60% of the populace is Catholic, the cable network claimed.

“Apparently, the loss of culinary taste and the lack of respect for religious sentiments go hand in hand,” Bishop José Ignacio Munilla of Orihuela-Alicante tweeted along with a photo of the “Take all of you and eat of it” ad:

An on-line campaign is asking for a Burger King boycott.

“I am indignant!” the Google translated petition states. “I just saw the Burger King ad where they use the Gospel to promote a veggie burger! They mock the Eucharist and the death of Christ in the most sacred time for Christians. They take advantage of Holy Week to launch an offensive campaign against the millions of believers in order to get publicity and money. It’s time to respond with a boycott of Burger King.”

It adds, “Sign and tell the CEO of Burger King that if the general director of Spain and Portugal, Jorge Carvalho, is not dismissed for taking out this ad, you will never set foot in any of his restaurants with your family.”

The Burger King Corporate Backpedal:

Hamburger King told Fox News in a statement that campaign’s intent was “never to offend.”

“At Burger King, we value diversity and inclusion,” the statement reads, according to the cable network. “The intention of this campaign, executed by our partner in Spain, was never to offend. However, we are aware that it did, and as a result the ads were quickly taken down. We apologize for any offense.”

Burger King made the classic mistake of failing to know its audience, while the prevailing notion in much of the world is that Christianity in general and Catholicism, in particular, are waning, the faith is alive and well in Spain.
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