Opinion: A Peaceful Patriot Guide to Civil Unrest and Martial Law


In early December, 2015, I was not a professional writer, as I am now. Five years ago I was just another pissed off patriot. The last year of Barack Obama’s administration was a turbulent span at the end of a radical patriot revolution.

The shoe is on the other foot

Obama’s second term led to the closing of national monuments, along with the ocean, because he couldn’t balance the books. Truckers, bikers and veterans invaded Washington D.C. and fought a hard battle, nearly performing citizens arrests on lawmakers for failure to uphold the Constitution, but the Deep State forces of darkness are well entrenched in the corrupt swamp of D.C. and the movement literally went down in flames.

My job as National Communications Director for “General” Ernest Lee’s Patriot Freedom Network got nuked November 22, 2013, along with the General’s firebombed RV, when the Deep State infiltrated and sabotaged the group. Patriots endured. With Obama in the White House, FEMA camps were a real possibility which kept the radicals in line. Then Donald Trump came along. The shoe is on the other foot now and it’s the Deep State criminals who fear the FEMA camps.

Donald Trump formally announced his intention to run for the office of President on June 16, 2015. By September he was making liberal heads explode for simply saying “Merry Christmas.” Patriots knew who to vote for long before the election. To set the stage for what I wrote then, things were getting desperate by December 3, 2015. One month later, Ammon Bundy and Ryan Bundy with their followers seized control of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Today, we are in an eerily similar situation. Every patriot in America needs a reminder on how we got here. Below is the unedited text of the guide I wrote for the stragglers of the trucker movement then.

A Peaceful Patriot Guide to Civil Unrest and Martial Law

As you are well aware, our great nation is in distress. Government has grown in size to such a degree that it is no longer possible to restrain by traditional methods. We are drowning in more and more rules and regulations while the laws we have and the constitution itself are not enforced. We no longer have rule of law, we have anarchy.

Make no mistake fellow patriots, a fire is burning. It dances and flickers and spreads. Will we, like a careful caretaker of the forest, control the destruction and take care to insure that no harm is done, or will we allow the fire of our passion and rage to grow out of control and destroy the very thing we are fighting so desperately to save.

While liberty, justice and equality form the core of our nation’s Constitution, Our founder’s fear of tyranny and oppression is reflected as well. For that reason, they gave us certain remedies to be used when the time, which they were wise enough to foresee, came to pass.

Million Maga March

Fellow patriots, we are in that time. It is here. It is now. The spark has been struck and the fire is burning. The genie is out of the bottle and Pandora’s box is open. The winds of change are blowing strong. There are two ways the rock our country is founded upon can fall. We can have peace and a restructure of the way our government conducts its business affairs, or we can have violence, destruction, looting and bloody civil war.

No sane individual wants violence. Our government has grown in size to the point where it has taken on a life of its own and like any living, breathing creature, will fight desperately for it’s own survival. The Government itself has potential to be callously violent in the protection of self interest. There is a lot of money and power at stake. People who have been living high on the hog at the taxpayers expense will not give that up willingly.

As a colony of ants is made up of thousands of individuals working together for the common purpose of the colony itself, the identities of our individual national bureaucrats are swallowed up in subservience to the totality of the whole.

A threat to the status Quo

Fellow patriots, we have become a threat to the status quo which can no longer be ignored. The collective organism which we call our Government will fight back and fight back hard. Only if we present a unified and above all peaceful wall of resistance will we prevail. It is only by peaceful means that we can elect a real leader and restore proper functioning of our constitutional government. It will take time and effort to get everyone on the same page and working together and this, fellow patriots, is our greatest weakness.

On January 2, 2016, an armed group of patriots seized and occupied the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Any gap in our resolve, any flaw in our ethics or our integrity will sink our ship faster than the the Titanic. This is why we expect provocation. If we answer that provocation with escalated aggression, the trap which has been set in our path will be sprung.

Our founders gave the president the ability to suspend congress in times of emergency or civil unrest, temporarily but indefinitely. All powers of congress as well as most civil rights and remedies may be canceled. In essence, a dictatorship.

Along with this ability, our laws provide for the calling up of the National Guard to take charge and impose order. This is known as “Martial Law” It is looking more and more likely every day that such a situation could occur. Without addressing a specific administration, in the climate which exists today, any sitting president could easily justify the declaration of martial law for any hint of civil unrest or any event which could be classified as a National Emergency.

While we work peacefully and within the system to bring about the change we seek, our opponents will try every trick in the book to tease us into hasty and improper action.

An event similar to the recent shootings could easily distract us from our goals. Whether a true disaster or a contrived act, any substantial crisis could easily divert our peaceful cause to chaos and riots. The rock of our nation could easily be tipped into the throes of all out war.

So how does the Peaceful Patriot respond to such crises?

Stay calm, don’t panic and keep safe. In any crisis which has the potential to last more than two days, stay home. Listen closely to civil defense networks and news broadcasts. Take a purely defensive stance. If riots or other civil unrest affect your area take all necessary steps to insure your safety and the safety of your loved ones but let those who are aggressive and unlawful face the brunt of authoritative force.

We must also stay united. Any fighting among ourselves will only work against us. As long as we can not be baited into participating in violence, or tricked into any kind of improper behavior, we can see a restoration of American values in about two years.

The future is truly in our hands. We must act and speak wisely. The moment we fall into the trap of discord or blind anger, our cause is lost. The raging inferno will consume us all and the bright light in the darkness which was once the greatest country on the earth will smolder away into the obscurity of time.

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