Woke Culture ‘Nonprofit’ Organization Teams Up With Money Making Conglomerate…Nothing to See Here, Move Along


Liberal Nonprofit “The Conscious Kid” has been hauling in an awful lot of cash from some really heavy donors and making sure that it goes to fund the ‘woke’ culture propaganda. A full year ago they got a major injection of resources from Google. They also are in bed with kid’s network Nickelodeon, but managed to keep it under the radar until now.

Dr. Seuss not ‘woke’ enough

It turns out that the La Jolla, California-based activists talked Google and left-leaning Nickelodeon into paying for the fight to cancel Dr. Seuss. It turns out the books most Americans grew up with aren’t ‘woke’ enough.

The publisher picked the author’s birthday, which also has been designated “National Read Across America Day,” to break the news they stopped “selling six titles, citing racist and insensitive imagery.”

That same day, the husband of Vice Empress Kamala Harris, Douglas Emhoff, did his duty as second-consort and went to an event hosted by none other than The Conscious Kid.

After announcing that Dr. Seuss was too racist to read, Emhoff presented young listeners to “I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark.” It looked like kindergarten nap-time in the library by the third chapter. Bader may have been ‘woke’ but her life story put the kids right to sleep.

Nickelodeon has been on the ‘woke’ bandwagon for the past year, they teamed up with the Conscious Kid for a race-based special, “Kids, Race, and Unity.”

The promotional press release for the program hypes how “the special featured the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement and Ibram X. Kendi.” The special also highlighted “teen activists who are fighting racial injustice.”

Anti-racist agitprop for any age

The Conscious Kid spent the past year working side by side with Google’s charity arm to create a new and improved “anarchist cookbook” in the form of an “anti-racist” book list for K-12 teachers.

The liberal group boldly promotes taking actions that “disrupt racism” by brainwashing young children with “age-appropriate” but “anti-racist” literature. Books like “Woke Baby,” “M is for Melanin,” and “Hey Black Child.”

It’s no surprise that they’re also pushing the book “Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea,” described as “a children’s book written by Meena Harris,” who happens to be the niece of Vice Empress Kamala Harris.

Google woke up and announced it will take whatever list The Conscious Kid comes up with and “curate” it, along with pre-prepared lesson plans for teachers that support “inclusive, anti-racist K-12 classrooms.” They’re 100 percent behind the group’s “embrace of critical race theory.” That’s the one that says the entire nation of America is “intrinsically and immutably racist.”

The woke book guide “created with support from Google for Education” encourages educators to “re-evaluate” teaching classic books and opt for “social justice books” instead. The so called classics are nothing but “stories which can convey and reinforce outdated values and messaging of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, ableism, or colonialism.”

They make it crystal clear that books must “counter whiteness as the norm or definition of success” and have to tiptoe around “showcasing a character” of color who happens to actually get ahead by “conforming to white values or norms.” Those nasty “white values” are things like “individualism, objectivity, and a sense of urgency.” In other words light a big spliff, sit back on the couch, then do whatever the television says you should do.

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