Trump Releases Scathing Statement


Once and Future President Donald Trump released a scathing official statement regarding Georgia’s long overdue housekeeping of voter registration rolls. He’s convinced that the radical purge is proof Joe Biden stole the election right out from under him in plain sight.

Trump says told ya so!

President in exile Donald Trump made sure to issue an official statement to call the Peach state out for their hypocrisy.

“Georgia now plans to remove over 100,000 ‘obsolete and outdated’ names off their voter rolls. Doing this, they say, will ensure voting files are up to date, while at the same time ensuring voter integrity in future elections. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LAST ELECTION?”

Trump demands to know why this wasn’t properly done “PRIOR TO THE NOVEMBER 3RD PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, where they had us losing by a very small number of votes, many times less than the 101,789 figure? This means we (you!) won the Presidential Election in Georgia.”

But, he assures, “don’t fret, much other information will soon be revealed about Georgia —- and other States as well. It is coming out FAST and FURIOUS. The 2020 Presidential Election was rigged!” He makes it sound like Eric Holder was in the middle of it too.

Recently, the New York Post started blabbering because the state of Georgia is about to trim 100,000 bogus names from the voter registration logs, just like Trump wanted them to do all along. Those are the ones officially determined to be “obsolete and outdated voter files.”

The Secretary of State has a duty to follow the law. “Making sure Georgia’s voter rolls are up to date is key to ensuring the integrity of our elections,” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger confirms.

No legitimate reason

“That is why I fought and beat Stacey Abrams in court in 2019 to remove nearly 300,000 obsolete voter files before the November election, and will do so again this year.”

According to Raffensperger, the bottom line is that “there is no legitimate reason to keep ineligible voters on the rolls.” If they had done their jobs properly in the last cycle, Donald Trump would be running the show from the oval office instead of Mar-a-Lago.

Raffensperger’s staff has identified “101,789 obsolete voter files that are set to be yanked.”

They break down as “about 67,000 people who have changed their addresses, 34,000 whose election mail was ‘returned to sender’ about 275 Georgians who had ‘no-contact with elections officials’ for five years or more.” Amazingly, each and every one of them voted against Trump too.

Even Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp understands that the removals must be done. Biden will benefit as much as Trump from doing it the proper way. “Federal law mandates that they do these purges,” he noted. “People move out of your state,” he explained.

You “don’t want them to be on voter rolls in multiple states. I’ve seen that before.” He even admits that “we saw it in this last election where you had individuals that voted in two different states for the presidential election.”

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