Wife Catches Her Husband in the Shed With Another Woman…What She Does Next Lands Her Jail Time


Not everyone in Utah is comfortable with polygamy. Claire Marie Robinson, of Provo, in particular. Her husband was already in the doghouse, living in a “shed.” He went too far when he moved another woman in with him, right under Claire’s nose. She decided to teach them a thing or two and set the love shack on fire, with them in it.

Shed engulfed in flames

An affidavit filed by police in Provo, Utah details the arrest of 60-year-old Claire Marie Robinson on February 11. She faces charges of aggravated arson, accused of setting “fire to a shed while her husband and another woman were inside.

They could have charged her with attempted murder, so, it was her lucky day. Police had probable cause to arrest her, they say, and spell out exactly why. It boils down to “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The husband and an unnamed woman “were inside of a homemade shed they had been living in at 2015 West 350 North in Provo.

The report doesn’t say what they were doing at the time, but they “smelled smoke and exited” the building to find it’s entire east side “fully engulfed in flames.” Making things worse, a “lot of combustible items” were piled up against it, there.

As soon as the couple escaped the shack, “they noticed Claire Marie Robinson standing near the east side where the fire began.” According to court paperwork, she was “staring at the fire” and giving them the evil eye.

They had a tricky time explaining the relationship between the parties to the judge. “Robinson is currently married to the male [living] in the shed and that male is now cohabitating with a different female” who happened to be inside with him at the time of the fire.

Gas and a torch

Swearing up and down that she didn’t have a thing to do with the fire, and that she was warning the occupants, didn’t go over well with police. Especially after they found a “five gallon gas can that was only about 1/8 full” near the start of the fire.

Robinson told police “she saw the flames and attempted to warn the occupants of the shed by shouting to them.” That isn’t what the intended victims say.

Both occupants of the shed independently reported that “Robinson did not say anything or alert them of the fire, but was standing near the start point of the fire.

Police note in the report that “Robinson disappeared from the scene and was found a few blocks away with a butane torch and cigarettes’ in her possession when she was taken into custody.

The torch was just to light her smokes she claimed, and had nothing at all to do with the shed fire. The force’s K-9 officer said otherwise.

Once in custody, the K-9 unit smelled gasoline and “gave a positive indication on the shoes and pants” worn by the wife, during an “open air search.” Her penalty will be up to the judge.

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