Wife Sets Husband on Fire Over Some Bad Chicken Wings

Wife Sets Husband on Fire Over Some Bad Chicken Wings

A wife in Milwaukee set her husband on fire because she supposedly believed that he poisoned her chicken wings.

Tuhonsty Marie Smith, 29, is now facing several charges after admitting to setting her sleeping husband on fire. On June 2, Smith suspected that her husband, Henry Williams, had poisoned her chicken wings.

Instead of confronting him, she waited until 4 a.m. the next day to pour a cup full of lighter fluid on Williams’ head while he slept, and then ignited it.

“Smith stated this morning, she started eating chicken wings and thought Henry poisoned them,” police said. “Smith stated she waited until Henry was asleep… [and] she poured some lighter fluid from the closet in a cup and went where he was sleeping. Smith stated she poured the fluid on Henry’s head and ignited the liquid with a lighter.”

Williams said that he woke up to the back of his head on fire, ran into a bedroom belonging to one of his children, who was sleeping at his parents’ house that night, and attempted to put the fire out with his bare hands. After realizing that the bedroom was also on fire, “he ran back into his bedroom and grabbed his daughter from her crib in his room and ran out the front door and ran to his parents’ house behind his,” police said.

He reportedly didn’t even realize how badly he was burned until he arrived at his parents’ house and they called 911.

Due to his wife’s attack, Williams suffered severe burns to his neck and upper chest, ears, back of his head and neck and both hands, as well as blistering to the right side of his face, police said.

Williams told police that his wife had been acting strangely for around three or four months before the incident, and said that he noticed her taking more of her medication than was prescribed. The night that she set him on fire, Smith had been pacing in circles around the house and not speaking to him.

The couple got into an argument later in the night, and Williams told his wife that he planned on moving out and ending their eight year relationship. Court documents note that Williams he had “been walking on egg shells” with his wife for several months.

This statement from the husband makes the situation clearer. Was the attack because of her outlandish claim that he had poisoned her chicken wings, or was it because he was threatening to leave her?

Obviously the woman has mental health issues, no one makes the decision to set their husband on fire with a sane mind. The question is, was she competent at the time that she committed the crime? Smith told police that she wasn’t trying to kill her husband when she set him on fire, and has claimed that she has mental health issues. She allegedly took prescription medications at around 2 a.m. on the night of the incident. The court has ordered that Smith undergo a competency evaluation.

Smith was arrested and charged with arson of a building, first-degree recklessly endangering safety, and domestic abuse. She is due back in court later this month.

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