Whoa…This Video Trump Just Shared is BRUTAL


President Trump isn’t acting like he’s leaving the oval office anytime soon, sharing by re-tweet a video posted by Seth Holehouse which “sheds light on mass voter fraud.” It’s brutal to Democrats, as it should be.

Video breaks down plot

The 18 minuted video shared by President Donald Trump on his favorite social media platform is titled,”The Plot to Steal America.”

In the patriotic piece, creator Seth Holehouse exposes the “communist agenda that threatens our freedom and to bring hope to patriots.”

In the video, Holehouse spells out the corruption surrounding this year’s presidential election, warning boldly that “Americans’ rights are under attack.” This is truly as war between the forces of good and evil of “Biblical” proportions.

“The very real truth,” the host declares, is that our nation is facing “its greatest threat since the American Revolution.” Patriots have been preparing for this day a long time now.

“Because as our founding fathers knew all too well,” the video explains, “the moment we no longer have free speech and a free press to keep the government in check, we no longer have a democracy.”

More importantly, we no longer have a REPUBLIC. When Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government our Founding Fathers created, he replied, “a Republic, if you can keep it.” Way back then, they were well aware that over time corruption would set in. They carefully set up safeguards to use in such an emergency. It’s time to use them.

Big Tech is in on the fix

As pointed out in the video, Democrats and the Deep State wouldn’t have been able to come this close to pulling off a revolution without the complicit help of mainstream network media.

As Holehouse accuses, “Big Tech, the mainstream media and celebrities” are trying to create “the narrative that Joe Biden won the election, while ignoring voter fraud.”

The real fight that’s going on right now isn’t over who occupies the White House. The video may not spell it out directly but the real issue is preservation of America’s Constitution itself.

We either have laws or we don’t. When privileged government officials arbitrarily decide which laws are enforced and which criminals they are enforced against, we don’t have “Rule of Law,” we have “Anarchy.” That means it’s every man for himself.

There’s still time for President Donald Trump to do exactly what conservative Americans elected him to do. Use his skills as a bold and successful administrator to take charge and eliminate the corruption. He has the power.

He has the authority. He has support of the public. Conservatives have had enough of the swamp, it will be drained. If Trump doesn’t call in the troops the patriots will do their duty to the Constitution. One video isn’t a revolution, but it’s a revolutionary statement.

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