Report: Trump Has SEVERAL Ways to Victory


President Donald Trump already won victory in the election but isn’t yet allowed to claim it. He still has more than one way to defend the White House but the simplest route is through Congress. The media is scrambling to convince liberals that Joe Biden really will be allowed out of his basement in January but patriots aren’t buying that for a second. If the forces of evil manage to steal the election, their illegitimate regime won’t stand for long.

Trump has a warpath to victory

Patriotic Americans who deplorably support President Donald Trump are getting more and more anxious every day. Watching the Electoral College confirm the Biden win was disconcerting and alarming to everyone who knows it’s just not right.

There are still an number of lawsuits working their way through various courts which could end up at the United States Supreme Court. SCOTUS could declare the Democrat victory “fraudulent” and President Donald Trump would be allowed to claim re-election by default.

Conservatives who refuse to take the destruction of the Constitution and the American way of life without putting up a massive fight are heartbroken over the way that President Trump has been treated.

Despite the parade of “brave whistleblowers who’ve come forward to share their stories of voter fraud and intimidation,” the courts refuse to do their duty to We the People. Good and honest Americans “will prevail in their efforts to defeat decades of dirty, organized voter fraud in America.”

One patriot, Michigan councilman Matt Sealy, has caught everyone’s attention by pointing out a simple method to stop the madness. When conservatives hear that their hopes will rely on Congress, they groan, but once they hear the rest of the story, suddenly the idea sounds really interesting. President Trump could be vindicated on January 6.

I object!

After a myriad of setbacks and ridiculous court rulings, President Trump still has hope for his victory to be declared legitimate. Failing that, there remains the ultimate remedy of national emergency and martial law but it’s best to exhaust all the “lesser remedies” first.

The wheels of justice could still spin in the right direction when Congress meets in January. As Matt Sealy explains, this fight isn’t over by a long shot.

The official Electoral College votes were sealed and sent to Washington by special courier. They’ll stay locked in a safe until January 6. That is when both the House and Senate will meet for a joint session to open the votes.

What is usually just a formality is crucial for Trump this time around. Until then, the media is going to work overtime trying to convince the public that Joe Biden is already the president. That’s a lie.

On January 6, Nancy Pelosi will be just another House Democrat. Vice President Mike Pence will be holding the gavel and wielding it like Thor’s hammer. The Constitution spells out that Mike Pence is in “full authority” that day. When the votes are opened, any member of the House can “raise their hand to object.”

They can object for just about any reason but fraud is a likely one. All it takes is another member of the House to “second” the objection and all bets are off. The House and Senate will go back to their respective chambers for at least two hours of debate, then they vote on it. The important thing for President Trump is that it isn’t the entire House who get to vote.

In the Senate each one gets a vote, which could end in a 50-50 tie. If so, Mike Pence casts the deciding ballot. The house is an entirely different story. Because the lower chamber votes based on “delegation” it means that Republicans have 30 votes and Democrats only have 20.

A broken tie in the Senate is likely and there is no way that Democrats mathematically can win in the House so that would mean Trump is vindicated.

  1. With China positioning troops in Mexico and Canada and their positioning ships, the likelihood that they mean to attack is a very strong possibility; I am not a strategist and do not know at this point if the best course of action for the president is to continue to fight legitimately or to invoke the Insurrection Act and involve the Military; on the other hand, it may more fortuitous to leave the military until a last resort to defend the nation against China and whose who join her, who may likely be Russia, and Iran for starters. I may be crazy but I do not like what I’m seeing and hearing

  2. I surely hope you are right about this. The country needs 4 more years of President Trump to continue doing great things for this country. Look at all the good he has done in 4 years and imagine what can still be done with 4 more years. One may not like his personality but facts do not lie so look at the facts period. 4 more years of Trump and out country will be what it is supposed to be for every American no matter race, creed or status. Trump is of all Americans and our constitution and laws. He will not pack the court as 9 is just fine now for a lot of years.Too many will spoil its purpose.
    Biden announced ahead of election that he had the most extensive fraud set up ever in the US. Why has he not been arrested?

  3. Small point of correction.
    “When the votes are opened, any member of the House can “raise their hand to object.” True.
    ” All it takes is another member of the House to “second” the objection and all bets are off.” Not true.
    At this point, a Senator must also object, or “second” the objection, for both houses to retire for the two hours of debate. Two hours is the limit on the debate, not a specified maximum.

  4. I hope and pray that Biden is kicked out
    If he gets to be president we will have the first communist president in the history of the United States
    We need to keep Trump and kick out all the commicrats

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