Where Authorities Just Sent Jussie Smollett Is Just Perfect For Him!


Authorities are evidently not taking their chances on Jussie Smollett’s outburst upon being sentenced Thursday for his conviction on charges that he fabricated a hate crime. On Thursday, Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in prison, 30 months of probation, restitution of $120,106, and a penalty of $25,000 for his part in arranging the hate hoax.

His brother validated Sunday that the authorities have put him in a psychological ward.

Smollett yelled to the courtroom upon his sentence that he was not suicidal and also would not kill himself while captive.

The actor repeatedly shouted, “I am not suicidal, and I am innocent” as he exited.

The declaration was viewed as a nod to various other renowned and notorious inmates like Jeffrey Epstein and also John McAfee, who both apparently committed suicide while incarcerated. But some have postulated that this could merely be the ‘actor’ leveraging his only skill in a desperate bid to stay out of a prison general population.

NBC News reported:

In January 2019, the former “Empire” star claimed two white men had beaten him up in a racist, homophobic attack in Chicago.

The alleged “crime” devoured hours of police time before Smollett’s story fell apart. He was arrested in February 2019, and in December he was found guilty of five counts of felony disorderly conduct for making a false report to police.

Smollett had a meltdown after his sentence was announced last week, shouting, “I am not suicidal. If anything happens to me when I go in there, you must all know that.”

His brother, Jocqui Smollett confirmed via Instagram that the actor was in what he called a “psych ward” and was apparently described as “at risk of self-harm.”

Mr. Smollett said the label was inaccurate and continued the family’s ongoing nonsensical claims that the convicted fraud is in fact a victim:

“I want to just make it clear to folks that he is in no way, shape, or form at risk of self-harm,” the actor’s brother said. “And he wants to let folks know that he is very stable, he is very strong, he is very healthy and ready to take on the challenge that ultimately has been put up against him.”

“This is not right. This is a complete lack of justice. It’s angering. It’s an outrage,” he said.

He said the family was not told why Jussie Smollett had been put in a psychiatric ward.

The Western Journal gives us more details of the email they received from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office about Jussie:

“The use of solitary confinement was abolished at the Cook County Jail in 2016, and any claims that he is being held in this manner is false,” the sheriff’s office said. “Mr. Smollett is being housed in his own cell, which is monitored by security cameras in the cell and by an officer wearing a body-worn camera who is stationed at the entrance of the cell to ensure that Mr. Smollett is under direct observation at all times.

“As with all detained persons, Mr. Smollett is entitled to have substantial time out of his cell in the common areas on the tier where he is housed, where he is able to use the telephone, watch television, and interact with staff. During such times out of cell, other detainees will not be present in the common areas. These protocols are routinely used for individuals ordered into protective custody who may potentially be at risk of harm due to the nature of their charges, their profession, or their noteworthy status.

“The safety and security of all detained individuals, including Mr. Smollett, is the Sheriff’s Office’s highest priority.”

Sources: WesternJournal, nbcnews
H/T Patriot Nation Press

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