Whatever the ATF is Planning to Do With THIS Info…It Won’t Be Good


In the first ten months of the Biden-Harris regime, the Democrat-Socialist co-opted Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives or ATF has already acquired the records of 54 million American gun owners and is on the cusp of fundamentally altering regulations to ensure that absolutely all records of firearm purchases ultimately find their way into an ATF database. This nightmare scenario that is a hair’s breadth from confiscation was revealed in documents obtained by The Washington Free Beacon.

“As if the addition of over 50 million records to an ATF gun registry wasn’t unconstitutional or illegal enough, the Biden administration’s misuse of ‘out-of-business records doesn’t end there,” Aidan Johnston, the Gun Owners of America’s director of federal affairs, told the Beacon. “Instead of maintaining the right of [licensed firearm dealers] to destroy Firearm Transaction Records after 20 years, buried within Biden’s proposed regulations is a provision that would mean every single Firearm Transaction Record going forward would eventually be sent to ATF’s registry in West Virginia.”

While a spokesman for the ATF wouldn’t comment on the document uncovered by The Washington Free Beacon, he did tell them that the Bureau’s “National Tracing Center processes millions of out of business records each month,” adding that “those out of business records do not constitute an initiation or continuation of any federal gun registry.”

However, as the Free Beacon reported,

“The Gun Control Act of 1968 mandates that licensed firearm dealers that go out of business provide the ATF with their records. They are then processed into images, though the ATF maintains this database cannot be searched by a purchaser’s name. Physical records, the agency says, are then destroyed.”

Yes, this federal law-enforcement officer actually said with a straight face that a comprehensive record of all firearms purchases from gun dealers “do not constitute an initiation or continuation of any federal gun registry.” This is like saying that while you have the data in excel format you just haven’t clicked “sort” yet. In short: it’s one of the most insanely semantic arguments ever. What we’re dealing with is a federal gun registry in all but name, the raw data is all there, simply awaiting collation, sort, filter, and search capabilities.

“Build Back Better” Is Building More Gun Control Into The ATF?

Now, to add insult to injury, American Military News reports that the Democrat-Socialists in Congress are funnel billions from the so-called “Build Back Better Act” to fund gun-control initiatives. They wrote, “Buried inside H.R. 5376 in Section 61001 is “Funding for Community-based Violence Intervention Initiatives,” which provides $2.5 billion “to support evidence-informed intervention strategies to reduce community violence.”

Gun Owners of America, began sounding the alarm almost immediately, Congressman Thomas Massie attempted to enact an amendment ensuring that the so-called “Community Violence Intervention” couldn’t violate Second Amendment rights, but was stopped by Democrats.

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