Soros Latest Shady Money Scheme Uncovered


George Soros is up to his old tricks again.

Time and again, we have reported that Soros is literally buying local governments.

He goes into very specific cities to back mayors, city council members, and DAs to implement his radical plan.

Well, he is graduating.

Buy Me a Judge

Soros and his globalist buddies are now starting to snag judges on state supreme courts.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Janet Protasiewicz is running for office in Wisconsin.

A typical justice campaign in the state will garner a few million in donations.

Once she caught George Soros’ eye, she raised $12.4 million during a single reporting period, with at least $1 million coming from Soros.

That was the only check that was traced to that point, but I guarantee he funneled more through other organizations or had his little circle pump up the register for Protasiewicz.

To give you an idea, her opponent, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly, raised only $2.2 million during the reporting period, which his about normal.

Soros is buying radical justices at the state level… and it should terrify you.

Source: Fox News

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