Video: Protesters Forcing Their Way Into Fed Building Looks Pretty ‘Insurrection-Like’…FBI Too Busy to Notice


The FBI does NOT want you to see this dramatic evidence. One protester yells: “Let’s go!” At the time, he was “trying to climb in through the door.” According to a witness, people cheered “in support” and crowded “the steps as police continue to physically block the one entrance that is not locked.” No, this isn’t a scene from the January 6 insurrection. It happened Thursday, October 14, 2021, at the Interior Department. The feds don’t want you to see it because they don’t plan to do a single thing about it.

FBI hiding under rocks

It looks pretty insurrection-like to most people but FBI officials are hiding under rocks. They’re nowhere to be found when liberal anarchists are the barbarian invaders. On Thursday, climate change activists turned violent at the Department of the Interior.

There is no doubt, backed up by videos from every angle, that the progressive socialists whipped to a frenzy by the inflammatory rhetoric of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden tried to “occupy the building” and were “clashing with police.” Where was the National Guard and all the security fences? Obviously not needed, because only deplorable Trump supporters can revolt.

Reports are coming in that “dozens” of savage environmentalists “made it into the Stewart Lee Udall Main Interior Building.” Outside, others “fought with the police to keep the door open to get more of their people in.”

The FBI is not expected to do a single thing about it, even though “officers trying to keep them out had ‘multiple injuries’ as a result of the violence” and one “officer had to be taken to the hospital.” Those aren’t the sort of domestic terrorists that raise alarm bells for Christopher Wray.

Democ-rats guarding the cheese at the Federal Bureau of Instigation are more concerned about the injuries sustained by activists. Brutality was reported after Capitol Police “had to taser some of the protesters to keep them back.”

The FBI doesn’t want you to see the crowd screaming “Put the tasers down!” Instead they focus on the poor climate change advocates “walking away from the doorway hurt” and “yelling for medics.”

Shoving police pretty hard

Insurrection-like, these videos make it look “like they were shoving the police pretty hard.” Surprisingly, the way the mainstream media liberals see it, “cops are brutally shoving pipeline activists.”

They’re furious that Imperial Palace Minister of the Interior Deb Haaland “refuses to use her power.” They want her to wave a magic wand and stop a major pipeline project. The FBI seems to be on their side.

Over at the bureau, they’re planning on sitting this one out to avoid the controversy. It might not be an FBI problem. Yes, they admit, “dozens of people got inside, sat on the floor and tried to occupy the area.” They made a specific claim which could let the bureau off the hook.

They claimed they had “occupied the Bureau of Indian Affairs,” which is an agency within the Interior Department. While they were there, they “also vandalized the outside of the Department of Commerce building by spraying fake oil on the front steps.”

To back up the claim that any alleged activist uprising is Haaland’s problem, the FBI notes the climate protesters “also issued a statement referring to the 1972 occupation of the BIA, where some 500 to 800 Native Americans walked inside the building and refused to leave for six days.”

They’re here for a peaceful pow-wow, so it can’t possibly be an insurrection. All they want is for Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace to “end all fossil fuels.” In the end, 55 people were actually arrested. Prosecution remains to be seen. “Interior Department leadership believes strongly in respecting and upholding the right to free speech and peaceful protest.”

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