Video: Biden Breaks Into Strange Yelling, Mispronounces Multiple Simple Words

Yelling Biden

Throughout the term of the Biden-Harris regime, we’ve had multiple opportunities to watch Joe Biden gaffe his way through various press appearances, conferences, speeches, and the like.

However, his most recent outing to the University of Connecticut culminated in a disturbing, deeply troubling diatribe about Nazi concentration camps that devolved to what appeared to be angry yelling, coupled with significant errors in pronunciation and cadence that didn’t portray strength but a terrifying instability.

This latest public speaking disaster has many seriously questioning the psychological stability and mental capacities of the man in the White House.

Biden made a few remarks that seem a bit detached from reality, like this one: calling for “a prevailing wage you can raise a family on” of $83,200/year or $104,000/year ($40 or $50 an hour).

  “The estimate from Wall Street — it’d created up to 16 million new jobs over time — good-paying jobs, union jobs.  Not — not five bucks an hour or $7.50, but $40, $50 an hour.  You know, a prevailing wage you can raise a family on, you can live with some dignity and pride.”

It should be noted that before the specter of “Bidenflation” Business Insider reported that “The median necessary living wage across the entire US is $67,690. ”

According to The Western Journal, this wasn’t Biden’s only departure from reality or pronunciation by any stretch,

“This came during a part of the speech in which Biden bragged that, in his first 10 minutes in office, he “ended the Muslim ban” and “[overturned] the ban on transgender individuals serving openly in the United States military.”

On top of the mispronunciation of “transgender,” it’s good to note that Biden’s people are still advancing the sad, divisive fiction that there was ever a “Muslim ban” by the Trump administration.”

Strange, Disturbing Yelling and Mispronunciations

The climax of Biden’s remarks seemed to be when he was describing atrocities that are currently ongoing in the world, (Note: that he seemed careful not to mention China while referring to the crimes against the Uyghur people.)

“We see today the patterns, the choices playing out around the world even as we speak: the oppression and use of forced labor of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang; the treatment of the Rohingya
by the military junta in Burma; the rampant abuses, including the use of starvation and sexual violence, to terrorize civilian populations in Northern Ethiopia.

Whenever we hear that kind of poisonous hatred, wherever we see our fellow humans being dehumanized, it doesn’t mean we go to war, but we must speak out.  Silence — as my dad would remind me — silence is complicity.  Silence is complicity.  That’s what Nuremberg said: Your silence is complicity.”

“I’ve raised these issues personally with leaders around the world — our friends and our adversaries alike — and I’ve made it clear that no U.S. President should stand by when human rights are under attack and main- — and maintain their legitimacy.”

As he spoke Biden’s voice rose to an angry shout which many found disturbing. Many on Twitter also pointed out the irony of a man who is championing vaccine mandates citing the Nuremberg trials. An effort to make Biden appear tougher on the world stage, to imbue him with some sort of strength and passion we’ve never seen from him. It is an effort that has soundly backfired, instead giving us a nearly eighty-year-old man, shouting angrily and at times speaking incoherently, portraying the image of a man suffering from dementia or another mental incapacity of advanced age.

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